Only You (Louis fanfiction)

Kelsey is just a normal 17 year old girl. other than the fact that her mother passed away when she was 15 and that her father became abusive ever since. Oh and she dropped out of school due to bullying. She dances to deal with all the pain. Kelsey feels so alone. What will happen when she is forced to help the biggest boy band, which she hated, One Direction? Will she finally find someone who cares for her, who loves her?


15. Perfect

Louis's POV

I ran to my room and quickly got changed. Kelsey had picked out a black suit with a white dress shirt. Simple, I liked it. Plus, it matched what Kelsey was wearing. I still don't know where I'm taking here. I decided to ask Harry where he thought I should take Kelsey.

"Harry!" I yelled loudly so he could hear my from the kitchen.

"Yes Boo!"

"Can you come here please!" Within seconds Harry was in my room.

"Yes Boo, what would you like?" He asked kindly and patiently.

"Well, uhm, do you have any suggestions on where I should take Kelsey? I kinda forgot that you have to have a place to go for a date..." I blushed sheepishly and looked down. It was really embarrassing asking the person you just beat up, for suggestions on where to take the girl you beat him up for.

He chuckled slighty before answering. "I'm sure it is." He winked at me. What? He must've noticed my confusion because he piped in. "You were talking aloud before." Oh. That explains it then.

"But in all honesty, I don't really know. Since you guys are all dressed up, why not take her to like, Armondo's? That's a pretty fancy restaurant." He suggested. Hm, I never really thought of there. I've been there once or twice with Eleanor but that was a while ago. I do remember the prices being through the roof though.

"Hm, yeah. I will. Thank you Haz." I leaned over to him and hugged him tightly. He's being so nice to me, even though I just gave him a black eye. I can honestly say I feel like shit.

"Hey, Haz?"

"Yeah, Boo?"

"I'm like, extremely sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I really didn't. I was just really mad and I just didn't know what to do, so I lauched myself at you. I want you to know that your my best friend and that I would never want to hurt you. She's just been through so much and she's such a nice girl and she's so innocent and she didn't appreciate such a dick move. I know I shouldn't really be talking about dick moves right now considering I hurt my best mate, but I just, I just don't know. I'm so soryy Hazza." I looked down ashamed of my actions. I still felt horrible about my doings towards Harry, but what else besides apologize am I supposed to do?

"Louis, I understand. It's fine. I would've done the same to you if you messed up as bad as I did. Don't worry about it. I forgive you. But if you keep on saying sorry I just might take it back." He chuckled. And this, is why he's my best friend. No matter my mood, he can always make me smile. I leaned into Harry again and hugged him.

"Thank Hazza."

"Anytime, babe." There was a pause that fell upon us shortly after we seperated from our hug.

"Oh! You should probably get going, right? We've kept Kelsey waiting for a long while." Oh yeah! I stood up, checking myself in full size mirror that hung on my wall.

"How do I look Haz?" I asked, turning to Harry who was sitting silenty on my bed.

"Amazing. But never will you ever be as good looking as Kelsey." He joked, grinning. He was right though. Kelsey is stunning, no doubt about it.

"Yeah, you're right. She's a stunner, isn't she?" I asked, wonedring how lucky I was to have her.

"Damn straight she is." We laughed together.

"Okay, well I'm going to go now. Bye Haz."

"Bye Lou!" He sing-songed before I waltzed into the kitchen. Kelsey saw me ans stood up to walk over to me. "I did a good job picking out your outfit." She whispered in my ear. I chuckled. "Yes. Yes you did." I winked and she smiled. We were interupted by a chorus of three male voices saying 'Aw!'

We both chuckled and I gradded Kelsey's hand. "We'll be back later." I stated before heading towards the front door to put on my shoes.

"Bye guys! Have fun!" Shouted Niall.

"Aw you guys are too cute! Have fun!" Zayn called out.

"Don't be out too late." Liam simply stated. Wow. Typical Daddy Direction.

And finally. "Bye Kelsey! Bye Louis! Have fun! No funny buisness!" Harry shouted just before we walked out of the door. Kelsey and I both chuckled and chorused back "Goodbye!" before closing the front door to my flat. I smiled, grabbed Kelsey's hand and said "C'mon let's go." before walking to my car getting in, and driving off.


Kelsey's POV

When we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, my mouth fell open. This place was amazing! Louis definetly went overboard.

"Oh my gosh, Louis." I whispered, exasperated.

"Do you like it? Did I do good?" He asked nervous. Aw, he was so cute!

"I love it and you did amazing." I leaned over him and kissed him cheek. He smiled satisfied and opened the door, making his way to my side of the car. He opened and I gratefully hopped out, gradding Louis's hand. We walked through the entrance of the restaurant, I'm pretty sure it was called Armondo's. It was packed beyond belief. I frowned and looked at Louis, dissapointed.

"I got this." He stated.

"How are you going to get a table when every single one is taken?" I asked.

"I'm Louis Tomlinson from One Direction,or have you forgotten?" He winked at me. "Uhm, excuse me! Yes, over here?" He called over a waiter. The waiter sighed and slowly walked over to us.

"Yes?" He asked, slightly annoyed.

"We need a table?" Louis stated, getting inpatient with the waiters attitude.

"We're full. Sorry. Come back another time." The waiter went to walk away but Louis stopped him and his face became serious.

"Uhm, I'm Louis Tomlinson from One Direction." The waiters eyes widened in realization and he immediately apoligized.

"Oh my goodness. I am so sorry, sir! Please, follow me." The waiter forced a smile and led us to a table that was further away from the other. He opened a pair of doors that when opem, showed the prettiest sight. It literslly took my breath away. A gorgeous shandeliere hung from the celing right above the only table in the small, but comforting room. I was sure this was going to be perfect. I was sure of it.





Okay guys, you're all probably extremely pissed at me for not updating in almost a month and I'm sorry I made you guys wait such a long time. I really am. But I'm trying. It's March break so I have more time on my hands so I'm gonna try to update one or two more times before school starts and my teacher drowns me with homework.


Anywhooooo, HOW'D YOU GUYS LIKE THIS CHAPTER? Good? Bad? I don't know? Why don't you comment? Favorite? Like? Anything you'd like! :) You guys are awesome by the way. I'm really happy you read my fan fiction.

Actually, I was thinking on writing a new fan fic? Would you guys read it? It would be called ' "It's just a popularity contest" She said'. TELL MEEE! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm hungry. That is all. BYEE!

                                                                                                 -KEELLSSEEYYYYY! :D


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