Only You (Louis fanfiction)

Kelsey is just a normal 17 year old girl. other than the fact that her mother passed away when she was 15 and that her father became abusive ever since. Oh and she dropped out of school due to bullying. She dances to deal with all the pain. Kelsey feels so alone. What will happen when she is forced to help the biggest boy band, which she hated, One Direction? Will she finally find someone who cares for her, who loves her?


21. Get to Known you

Kelsey's POV

I sat in the arms of Louis, laying soundlessly on his bed in his darkened room. I had changed into a pair of his jogging pants and an oversized t-shirts.

"Louis?" I asked softly, turning around in his arms.

"Yes?" He kissed my head, pulling me close.

"Don't you think we kind of rushed things. Like a lot."

"Ha, of course we did. I met you this morning." I chuckled because it was true. I mean, here we are wrapped up in his bed and I met him this morning. Shouldn't this feel wrong? Well it doesn't. I feel so safe with Louis. Safer than I have ever been since my mom died.

"Do you think people will judge us?" I asked, nervous. Because, lets be real; if I met a couple that became an item after not even 24 hours, I would be judging.

"Of course they will. But Kelsey remember, you have me and the boys. You may not know us all that well but trust me, we'll always be there for you. And I know this may be hard for you to believe considering anyone you've ever let in has left you but you'll see; you'll see that no matter what, we'll always be there." I sniffled because really, that was hard for me to believe even though I really wanted to. My mom left, my dad left and everyone else did too. They let me get beat everyday and did nothing about it. I snuggled closer to Louis, trying to find warmth.

"Louis, what'll happen when you have to go on tour?" I ask, my voice quiet; tears coming to my eyes as I think of what would happen. Louis would be gone, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Niall would be gone and I would be alone with my dad again.

"You'd come with us." Louis states simply. His response took me by surprise, making me stop the tear s before they could fall free from my eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, that when I leave to travel The World, you will be coming with me. I'm not leaving you here." The room fell silent after that moment, neither of us knowing what to say.

"Wanna play a game?" I ask, sitting up.

"What game?" Him also sitting up.

"20 questions. 10 questions each." I smirk. I love playing this game with new people.

"Ouh, alright. I'll start, favorite colour?"

"Bleu" I answer quickly, not even having to think.

"Me too!" He exclaims, giving me a high five. I smile because that's one more thing I know about him.

"Hm, alright. Favorite place?"

"I'll have to say Toronto, Canada. The fans there are insane!" He smiles.

"That's where I'm from!" I say excitedly.


"Yep." I smirk, kissing his cheek. "Your turn."

"Alright well..."


After hours of playing 20 questions, I found out that Louis favorite food is alfredo, his favorite fruit is a banana and he absolutely hates peas. He loves strips and TOMS, he likes to eat a lot at night and run it off at night. His habits are biting his nails and he can never seem to sit still for more than 30 minutes. He likes musicals bit his favorite is Grease. He's a sucker for romantic movies and he likes big fluffy pillows to surround him when he sleeps. He was a trouble maker in school and never really got good grades, but he was popular. He likes playing soccer and basketball too. He started getting interested in music when he was about 13 years old and he starred in a local talent show. He likes Beyoncé and Rihanna along with Chris Brown and Drake. His male celebrity crush is Zac Efron and his female celebrity crushes are Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchel because he loves Pretty Little Liars... We may have passed 20 questions.. but soon we fell asleep, me curled into his side being wrapped securely with Louis' arms.


So how was that? That was a filler chapter because I had writers block, sorry :( Sorry its short too

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