Only You (Louis fanfiction)

Kelsey is just a normal 17 year old girl. other than the fact that her mother passed away when she was 15 and that her father became abusive ever since. Oh and she dropped out of school due to bullying. She dances to deal with all the pain. Kelsey feels so alone. What will happen when she is forced to help the biggest boy band, which she hated, One Direction? Will she finally find someone who cares for her, who loves her?


7. A crush?

Louis's POV

 I watched Kelsey as she showed us the dance she had in mind for the music video. It was amazing. She was amazing. She was stunningly beautiful. She had dark brown eyes that had the power to melt me. They were so mysterious and beautiful. She had dark brown curly hair that reached the middle of her back. It was beautiful too. Her skin was tanned. Over all, she was just amazing. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I watched her as she moved beautifully. When she stopped dancing we all clapped and she bowed. I keep on thinking about how beautiful she is. She's talking to the other boys so I'm sure no one will notice me staring at her. But then suddenly I felt everyone's eyes on me. They had seen me stare at her. Uhm.... awkward.

"Well?..." Kelsey asked me impatiently. She was too cute! But, what was she talking about? "Uhm, well what?.." I asked trying not to sound too rude. But I really didn't know what she was talking about. "What do you think of the dance? Was it good?" Oh! She must've asked the boys what they thought while I was day dreaming about her. "It was amazing!" Woah, I answered that question a little too quickly. Zayn must've noticed that too because he looked at me and flashed me a smile.I just shrugged and turned my attention back to the beautiful Kelsey. I would really love to get to know her. She seems like an amazing girl to be around.

Do I fancy her? She's stunning and an amazing dance. Wait, that's all I know about her. I make a vow to myself to find out more about her. No matter what it takes. The sound of everyone laughing pulled me back to reality. I realized I was staring at Kelsey again. Oh, and I won't forget to mention that I was drooling. I turned as red as a tomato.

All the boys were in a line behind Kelsey. I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying again. "Uhm.. What am I supposed to do?" I asked rather shyly, trying our best not to look Kelsey in the eye. The boys and Kelsey all giggled. "Well, while you were day dreaming about God knows what-," I blushed like crazy at that comment, "I told you guys to line up so I could teach you guys the dance." I should really start paying attention from now on. "Oh, okay" I walked over beside Zayn. He started quietly laughing again. "Louis, are you okay mate?" I gave him an evil glare and said "Yes, I'm perfectly fine. Then I turned my attention back to Kelsey.

Zayn's POV

Louis was drooling over Kelsey! It was hilarious! He definitely fancied her and it was too cute! I wonder how they're going to end up. They would be so cute if they ended up dating! Kelsey was absolutely beautiful and Louis was pretty sexy if you ask me. They're kids would be adorable! Woah Zayn, hold up. They've barely even talked. But that will all change in a matter of time. What Louis wants, Louis gets. He'll find a way to get Kelsey. I was sure of it.

Niall's POV

Okay, Louis drooling over Kelsey was too funny! He didn't admit that he was drooling over Kelsey but you could tell he was. I mean, who wouldn't? She's beautiful. But she isn't my type so I'll let Louis get the girl this time, just to be nice.

Harry's POV

Aww, my little Boobear has a crush! It's too cute! Him and Kelsey would make the best couple evvaa! I would definitely ship them. I hope they end up dating. But everyone knows they will. You can tell Kelsey likes Louis by the way she looks at him and by the way she blushes when their eyes meet. Aww! 

Liam's POV

My little boy has a crush! He may be the oldest but he definitely doesn't act like it. I'm like the father of this group. I just hope neither Kelsey nor Louis get hurt if they do end up dating. They're both really sweet people.

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