Only You (Louis fanfiction)

Kelsey is just a normal 17 year old girl. other than the fact that her mother passed away when she was 15 and that her father became abusive ever since. Oh and she dropped out of school due to bullying. She dances to deal with all the pain. Kelsey feels so alone. What will happen when she is forced to help the biggest boy band, which she hated, One Direction? Will she finally find someone who cares for her, who loves her?


1. This is my story

Kelsey's POV

I was looking at myself through the mirrors of the dance studio. I had done the best job that I possibly could at covering all the bruises and scars my father, Chris had left. I hate the fact that I have to call him my father, It sickens me honestly. He had become an abusive alcoholic after my mother passed two years ago. She was in a car accident with a drunk driver and was killed instantly. I still think about it non-stop. I still think about when my father got the phone call from the police. I still think about when I collapsed to the floor beside my mothers casket the day of  her funeral. I still think about it all. It's because of my mother that I'm still dancing. When she passed, something told me should would want me to keep dancing,

Anyways, I attend Rose Mary Academy of Performing Arts, one of the best dance schools here in London, England. I've been dancing since I was about 6. When I moved to London i was 10, I'm originally from Canada. I tried out for the school when I was 11. I remember my mother bringing me. The chances of actually making it into the school were close to noting, but I did it. I've been part of this school for six years. This is unfortunately my last year here. I'm a senior so I'm graduating at the end of the season.

I come here mostly to get rid of all the pain. All the pain my father causes, and I was also bullied at school but I dropped out. My father still doesn't know, and I hope he never does find out. I feel like no one loves me. I feel so alone. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to leave this school...

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