On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


10. Volunvictus

A/N: Today I learned that this story had 50 million grammar/spelling errors. They are now all fixed! On with the story!

Andromeda was still mentally formulating a plan when she walked into her barracks. Literally, she was so immersed in her thoughts that she missed the door and walked into the wall. 

"Smooth like a sword!" Thalia called, while stirring Andromeda out of her thoughts. "Care to enlighten me on why the ever-aware Andromeda Bellator just walked into a wall?"

"I'll have you know, I was making plans so that Melissa, Scorpia, my sister, and I don't get murdered brutally!" Andromeda replied in an annoyed manner.

"What's got your spear in a twist?" Thalia shot back. 

"I don't know, maybe it's the fact that the gods have suddenly decided to send us on a reconnaissance mission into enemy land with almost no time to prepare! We need a strategy!" Andromeda angrily retorted, as she bandaged her arm from Xova's wound. "Sorry, I don't mean to get made at you, but it's just that the gods are practically sending us on a suicide mission. My only plan comes from the words of Xova!" 

"HIM? What did he say that is intelligent?" 

"Something about making it look like you belong in a place. My idea was to go to the Ancient compound, steal their uniforms and wear them, then infiltrate their HQ to get info and hopefully the Valite Stone."

"Wow, that does sound like mission that most people wouldn't return from. But you and Melissa did get the top scores in our generation. So maybe it would only be a 99% suicide mission!" 

"Thanks for your vote of confidence! Now leave me to pack and prepare! We have to be at the Clorian Council in two hours to be flashed to Olympus!" With that, Thalia went off to join in with the tasks and activities of any normal tyro. Too bad Andromeda didn't fall in that category. No, she just HAD to have a prophecy about her that made the gods send her off on a "99% suicide mission"

Andromeda began to pack items into her bottomless, backpack that was Hecate-spelled to feel as heavy as she wished. While doing this, she mentally listed off mandatory supplies she would need. Food, provided by gods. Changes of clothes, check. Maps of all known Greek and Mortal worlds, which was enchanted by Hecate to be able to zoom in everywhere, down to streets, check. Tents, check. Specially made, Hephaestus fire-starters, check. Concealed wrist and leg holsters for knives, check. Her new spear that could shrink down into a blue ring with intricate engravings on it, check. Athena also mentioned something about the spear having more special properties for Andromeda to discover later. Oh, those cryptic gods. A match new blue watch for her shield on the other arm, check. The watch was Hecate-charmed to tell the correct time, no matter what time zone. Andromeda then had a thought. With all her Hecate enchanted items, she wondered why Hecate never came up in her train of thought during the time she was contemplating her Sector...She was pretty sure that she had everything, so she left the barracks and headed to Cloria. 


Naturally, she was the first of her friends to arrive. The walk took about 30 minutes, so they still had an hour and a half. That gave Andromeda enough time to make a decent, if crude, plan. So far, she had gathered that they would need to somehow take an some Ancient soldiers' uniforms, change into them, and then walk around and scout like they belonged in that camp. That was the part Andromeda was stuck at. 

She definitely believed that Sirina could pull it off because she was always very good at creating a facade, she herself could possibly pull it off since she shared her sister's skills in a way. However, the main problem she was facing was her friends. Scorpia could not keep a straight face in that situation if her life depended on it. Which it does. Scorpia would always start cracking up like crazy during solemn moments. That would prove to be an obstacle. 

Then there was Melissa. She wasn't as bad as Scorpia when it came to laughing, but she this crazy blinking problem. Whenever she had to do something risky, or face the crowds, she did this rapid-fire blinking thing. Unless, of course, she was in combat, but they couldn't just battle there way into the Ancients headquarters. 

Andromeda finally decided that she would just coach them as they traveled along on not laughing/blinking when in a tough situation. She also had a few ideas on how to do it........but she would implement them later. 

Just then, as she was moving on to another problem to ponder, she felt someone grab her backpack from behind and yank it up. Instinctively, she slid the ring off her finger and transfigured it into spear-mode. She then pointed it at her attacker aggressively. Luckily, (or unluckily, depending on how one looked at it) she only found empty air behind her. 

"I will get you for that, you know, SCORPIA!" she called to the emptiness. "Now cancel your Hermes powers!" 

"How did you know it was me?" a now-visible Scorpia asked. 

"How many people do I know that come from the Hermes Sector-which is one of two Sectors with invisibility training- that would dare to attack me like that? Process of elimination." 

"Well then.....are you ready for this? I mean, one minute, we're watching Jasper get mauled by a giant guinea pig, then the next minute, were being sent on a death-mission!" Scorpia ranted.

"I know, but do you want some angry gods on your trail? I'd rather not be fried!" Andromeda told her. 

"Yeah, you've got a point, but still, they think our lives are just expendable toys to be played with! Those Ancients do have a point, even though they're against us," Scorpia pointed out. 

"How can you say that!?!" Andromeda shot back at her. "The gods are the reason that our whole society can exist! If they heard you talking like that, they could fry you like a fish!" 

"Exactly! You just proved my point! The gods have temperament issues! I mean, majority of those Ancient Heroes' problems were because of the gods! Odysseus spent who-remembers-how-many years at sea because he poked Poseidon's cyclops son in the eye, WHO TRIED TO EAT HIM! Any normal Greek would do that!" Scorpia proved. 

"Okay, I kind of see your point.....but that doesn't mean that we should go around, ticking off exceptionally powerful beings! We will be in there presence in little under an hour!" 

"They won't kill us; we're 'of the prophecy'!" 

"You haven't had as much contact with the gods as I have, recently. Yes, they will." 

"Oh, so you go see the gods for a few meetings, and you suddenly think that you're an expert on them?" 

"No! I didn't mean that! I just meant-" Andromeda was cut off as a new voice joined the fray. 

"She meant exactly that," the new arrival, Sirina added. "The gods WILL reduce you to ashes at the slightest sign of disloyalty," she stated. 

"And how would YOU know that?" Scorpia questioned as she turned to view the new twin. Despite being twins, Andromeda and Sirina didn't have much in common when it came to looks, except for their prominent cheekbones and sharp black eyes. Sirina was the taller of the two, with long blonde hair that she let fall to her shoulders. She fought more with strength and brute force when she wielded her gladius. Andromeda, however, had black hair that she tied up in a ponytail at all times. She fought mostly with speed and agility when using her spear. Both girls were frightening when angry. 

"I know that because the Zeus Sector Leaders gave us a huge lecture on it. They spent an entire hour discussing one simple lesson: anger the gods, and you die. Doesn't matter who you are. Simple as that."

"Grrr! You twins are ganging up against me!" Scorpia yelled in frustration. "....volunvictus......." she mumbled under her breath. 

"What was that word you called us?" Andromeda called angrily. "Volun-somthing!" 

"Volunvictus," Scorpia answered. "I heard some older Hermes tyros using it. It means "will losers" as in, when you follow the gods, you lose your free will. Simple as that." Andromeda was wondering what was going on with Scorpia. They never got into arguments as loathing as this. Sirina and she looked ready to start taking advantage of that newly-repealed edict, until Melissa showed up. 

"Hi guys! Why do you look ready to go to war?" she questioned innocently. 

"Nothing," Scorpia replied in a somewhat less-angered tone. For some reason that no one could explain, everyone liked and calmed down around Melissa. Andromeda personally believed that she had a touch of Philotes blood somewhere many, many generations back. Philotes was the goddess of friendship, and............other things. 

"Okay, something's up. As aforementioned, you guys look read to strangle each other. And the fact that Scorpia didn't burst into hysterics confirmed that."

Andromeda grabbed Melissa aside, and whispered, "I'll tell you later! Drop topic now!" When she released her shoulder, Melissa complied with her command. For the remainder of the time they were waiting, they all sat in silence, with only Melissa trying to make casual conversation here and there. Finally, there was a flash of light behind them, and Hermes appeared out of it. Scorpia looked pleased that her Sector god had showed up, but made no comment. 

"Okay, all of you grab my arm so I can take you to Olympus!" Hermes stated in a cheerful tone. It totally defeated the somber mood that had been previously permeating the air. Once all the girls complied, he whisked them away to the Olympian Assembly. Andromeda just thought, We immediately complied with Hermes; no questions asked. Are we really volunvictus?


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