On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


6. Unusual Edicts

As Andromeda and her friends left Olympus with the gods still taking care of their roasted adversary, everyone walked in silence. Whether that was because they were all pondering their thoughts, or Thalia and Andromeda had forgotten to retract their wicked-sharp spears, while totally disregarding the "no weapons in public" rule, no one will ever know.

When they reached the Tyro Compound, they were not prepared for the groups people swamping them with questions. Feeling threatened, they all brought out their weapons and attempted crowd control. Eventually, Melissa got fed up and drenched everyone with salt water. "IF YOU WANT ANSWERS, KEEP BACK!!!" Andromeda yelled. That silenced everyone pretty quickly, along with the sight of her waving her spear at everyone.

"Okay, now I will answer some of the questions you all are probably asking! 

Yes, we fought in the battle against the Ancient Army,
No, we did not die, obviously,
Yes, the gods are arguing,
No, it will not become a civil war.....I hope...
Yes, there is a prophecy about a Champion,
Maybe, I might be that Champion,
Yes, Olympus is awesome,
No, we do not get a pizza party,
Yes, I am in the Athena Sector,
No! I do not want to try your chocolate satyr,
Yes, the Ancients are the Circle of Ancient Heroes,
No, I do not own a guinea pig, and
Yes, I want you to ask questions one at a time!!

This temporarily calmed everyone down, but before long, they had to fight off another question barrage.

"Do you like bloodlust?"

"Did you really defeat Theseus?"

"Did Zeus actually fry him?"

"Do you like to drink water from bowls?"

At this point, the questions were starting to get pretty ridiculous.

"ALL OF YOU BE QUIET! No, yes, yes, and no! Who drinks out of bowls?" Andromeda exclaimed.

"Dogs!" that person replied.

Before the next interrogation could begin, Sirina madly waved her spear around to make people back off. As she did this, the four Tyro trainers showed up and began to command everyone back.

"All of you, back to your barracks! You have 1 last night with your other-sectored friends, and you better enjoy it!" Astor yelled above the commotion. All the tyros dispersed to make the most of their one last night in the Tyro Compound. After this, they will all live in their Sectors.

"Thanks Sirina!" Andromeda called, but she then realized Sirina had disappeared, probably to go join her friends. Anyway, Andromeda, Melissa, and Scorpia met up with their other friend, Scarlett, who was proudly showing the sun on her arm, the mark of the Apollo Sector, and Cassiopeia, who was bore a moon on her arm, the insignia of the Artemis Sector.

"You guys missed so much! You had to be their!" Scarlett exclaimed in a hyper way. "Well, this kid in Apollo- Septimus, I think his name was- well, while he was admiring the giant statue of Apollo, he accidentally set on fire the-" She was cut by the sound of the announcement horn blaring.


Cheers were heard all around as tyros displayed their various assortment of weapons and armament. "HOWEVER!" he continued. "THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN GO AROUND RANDOMLY ATTCKING PEOPLE!" Booing could be heard from majority of the crowd, primarily the ones that chose Ares. "INFRINGEMENT OF THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN CONFISCATION OF WEAPON! THAT IS ALL!"

"Well, anyway," Scarlett continued, "he ended up setting on fire the-" Scarlett was cut of once again by the sound of other tyros charging into battle against each other. It seems that certain tyros have taken the repealment of the weapons edict too liberally.

Cassiopeia, who always loved a good fight, began to give a play-by-play once they had reached the safety of their barrack.

"Look at that!" she called. "Andrew just hit Jasper over the head with the butt of his sword! He looks out cold!"

"Yippers!" Melissa. She really did not like Jasper.

"Will you listen!" Scarlett cried exasperatedly. "Septimus set on fire the-"

"OH MY GODS A GIANT GUINEA PIG!!!!!!!!" Scorpia yelled excitedly.

"C'mon, Scorpia," Andromeda began. "There is no–....OH MY GILGAMESH!" All of them stood looking out the window in shock at the giant guinea pig rampaging through the Tyro Compound. They all watched some trainers try to calm it, while others contacted handlers from the Pan Sector as quickly as possible. The guinea pig was causing mass damage to a few of the barracks, and was making its way to the Headquarters. If it reached that point, there would be some serious problems at hand.

"Is it just me, or do you guys not recall reading about giant guinea pigs in Ancient Greece?" Cassiopeia asked.

"They are a new hybrid breed formed after the Collision," Scorpia answered. Guinea pigs were Scorpia's favorite topic, and if you ever needed a fact about one, she's your girl! "When an average guinea pig met a Calydonian boar....well.....I won't give you the details, but you can infer."

Soon enough, the Pan handlers had arrived and sedated the guinea pig, but not before it caused mass damage. All of them watched as Jasper, Andrew, and a lot of other tyros got in big trouble for starting a mock battle, and releasing a Calydonian Guinea Pig, as they later learned it was dubbed.

A Hephaestus crew would have to be called in the next day to fix it. As the girls got into their respective beds, Alexander's voice blared across the loudspeakers once more.

"NEW EDICT NUMBER 94 GOING INTO EFFECT IMMEDIATLY! GIANT GUINEA PIGS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO BE HANDLED BY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS OF THE PAN SECTOR! ANYONE CAUGHT WITH ONE WITHOUT A LICENSE WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED! THAT IS ALL, GOODNIGHT!" After that, it left everyone silently contemplating that very unusual edict. Until Scarlett called out, "I never got to tell you about how Septimus set the one of the Apollo leaders on fire!"



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