On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


8. The Questions Not Asked

A/N: Once again, sorry for really late update! 

Once the gods had finished bickering, the actual meeting convened. 

"So, what are we going to do about this 'Champion' matter?" Athena questioned. 

"I say that we try a diplomatic approach with the Ancients to try and get the Valite Stone back!" Hera exclaimed.

"Ok, let me rephrase that: any logical solutions?" Athena amended.

"Hey! It has worked in the past!" Hera rebutted.

"Yeah? Name one."

" time"

"Just as I thought. I say we send scouts to spy on the Ancient camp so we can make an informed plan on what to do," Athena commented. "I also say that this mission would be a perfect opportunity for a certain Champion to prove herself!" Murmurs of agreement were heard after hearing that statement. 

"I second that idea!" Zeus exclaimed. "If she succeeds, we get intel and she proves herself to be worthy! If she fails..well, what's one less tyro?" Andromeda looked a little nervous at that statement. Anyone would, if they heard their life being talked about like it was worth nothing.

"Don't go talking about her like she's an expendable tool!" Athena defended. "She happens to be the one that defeated Theseus!"

"And that's exactly why I don't believe she should lead this reconnaissance!" Hera protested. "She doesn't need more glory than she already has!"

"That is not a good reason for her not to lead it!" Athena shot back. "For the record, I have heard that she is actually quite modest!" Andromeda was pretty surprised that Athena had been keeping tabs on her. She was amazed that she had attracted the attention of such a powerful goddess. "Anyway, she tied for highest score on the exams and was the #1 warrior in her generation! What better a person to lead this mission? And be our Champion!"

"But she might not have been the top warrior if her friend hadn't been distracted by that dog! How do we know she didn't summon the dog to distract the other girl?" Hera declared.

"First of all, she is not in the Pan Sector, and has never shown any great aptitude for animal summoning! And second of all, the girl was her friend! She wouldn't do that to a friend in such an important fight!"

"But I still don't think she's the Champion! There are others that could fit!" 

"Yeah? Like who?"
"Her twin, Sirina Bellator! It says 'child of the air' in the prophecy! Wouldn't a tyro from the Zeus Sector fit that line better? Zeus is the god of air!"

"But Andromeda is an exceptionally proficient Air User, and that is saying something!"

"But Sirina is the form of the name Sirius, which is a star, which is in the air!" 

"Ok, now you are completely making off-the-wall connections!" Athena cried exasperatedly. "How about a compromise? They co-lead, but Andromeda is the actual leader. Like Lewis and Clark!"

"And who are these Lewis and Clark you speak of, Athena?" Zeus inquired.

"You seriously don't know who they are? You know, mortal explorers that the mortal American President Jefferson chose to explore the Louisiana Purchase and other western lands?" Athena only received blank stares from everyone except Andromeda. The room was so quiet that the occupants swore that they heard cricket noises in the background. 

"Athena, not all of us happen to be wisdom goddesses or have much care for mortal history that does not pertain to us," Hades commented. "But I do like your co-leader plan."

"Yes, I believe it will be most beneficial for them to share this reconnaissance mission, especially since they're sisters!" Zeus agreed. "Also, since they are not immortals, the Ancients will have no methods of tracking their arrival or presence. Let's take a vote! All in favor of Andromeda Bellator leading this reconnaissance with Sirina Bellator as co-leader, but slightly below Andromeda in leadership?" Majority of the gods raised their hands in agreement, since the proposal did sound pretty decent. "Great! Now since the prophecy says that good luck comes in quads, I say that two more should join them on the mission! Who should?" Hera chose this moment to speak up once again. 

"I believe that the boy from the Athena Sector-Jasper Zabrola, I think his name was- should be on this trip. He has shown a great level of intellect and would be an efficient addition to this squad."

"Are you insinuating that neither of those sisters are decent strategists?" One of them happens to be in my Sector, you know!" Athena shouted indignantly.

"No! I was just putting in my two drachmas! Who did you have in mind?" Hera retorted.

"Well, unless certain details had slipped your mind, the prophecy specifically says, "the scorpion and the mare" I suggest Andromeda's friends Melissa Blue and Scorpia Santorius. Mares are horses, which Poseidon here, invented. Melissa chose the Poseidon Sector. The scorpion part should be obvious enough to figure out!" 

"I object! The scorpion part makes sense, but the mare could easily pertain to anyone in the Poseidon Sector, or even someone from the Pan Sector!" Hera explained.

"Why are you so opposed to everything I say?" Athena asked. "I mean, every single decision I make, you are against it. I know you have strong opinions, but not usually this strong! What's gotten into you?"  At the mention of something being wrong with her, Hera momentarily paled, before regaining her composure. 

"I am perfectly fine and sound of mind! How dare you accuse me of otherwise!?!" Hera angrily replied.

"Yes perfectly sound of mind *cough*yeah right*cough*!" Hermes interjected. The look on Hera's face was priceless when a few gods nodded in agreement with Hermes. 
"Well, if you all think I shouldn't be making decisions, maybe I won't show up!" Zeus looked a bit panicked at that declaration, because even though Hera was annoying, she still needed to be present to maintain balance and order. Without her, things could get very out of wack. 
"Now Hera, there's no need to make such severe decisions," Zeus placated. 
"Yeah," Dionysus added. "No need to have a cow!" The sniggers emitted from the other gods at that pun were enough to send Hera into a rage. That was at least before Hypnos sent a sleep wave to come over her and knock her out cold. 

"As much as we need her here, we do not necessarily need her awake," Zeus stated. "Thank you, Hypnos, and can we please get back to discussing the mission." Everyone present silently agreed that the meeting could go much more smoothly without Hera's input. "All in favor of Athena's reasoning to have Melissa Bleu and Scorpia Santorius join Andromeda and Sirina Bellator on the reconnaissance mission to investigate the Ancient's stronghold and if possible, retrieve the Valite Stone?" Every single hand was raised in agreement. Without Hera, more gods must feel freer to make their opinion known without fear of retribution. "Then it is agreed. In a few hours, let's reconvene with the other members of the mission to discuss supplies, tactics, and the remainder of the prophecy. All dismissed!" 

As the gods filed out of the Assembly Room and Athena flashed Andromeda back to Cloria, Hera's sleeping body was "accidentally" forgotten in her chair. Because of this fact, no one was there to witness her awaken several hours before Hypnos's exceptionally powerful sleeping spell was supposed to wear off. Again, no one noticed when she materialized away with a semi-possessed reddish look in her normally brown eyes. Also, no one was present to wonder why she forgot to take her weapon of choice, a ceremonial dagger, with her. "What is the goddess of marriage up to?" nobody asked.


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