On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


2. The Meaning Of Athena

Following her sector leader, Andromeda and the others were led into the Athena Sector of Cloria. They were amazed at all the statues and art on public display. Tyros were never allowed into the Sectors before their Sector Ceremony. They were all trained at what was called the Compound. Andromeda took note of the others in her generation that were in her sector. There was a quiet girl named Clytemnestra that Andromeda occasionally talked to, but not too often. She was not surprised that Clytemnestra picked Athena because she was always very studious. Then there was Patrick, a guy who was not the best fighter, but memorized almost every history fact known. There was also Marius, who was an excellent strategist and planner, albeit being not that much of a fighter. In addition, there was Thalia, who was one of Andromeda's close friends. When they fought together in combat, they were an almost unbeatable duo. Lastly, there was Jasper. Andromeda's rival in almost everything. Since they met when they were 6, they always tried to outdo each other. Andromeda usually came out on top, but that never stopped Jasper from trying. Andromeda didn't even realize their rivalry until they were 10, and Jasper announced it aloud to everyone.

Andromeda was drawn out of her musings by Marius asking a question. "Why do all these Greek statues have no pupils or irises? They creep me out!" 

In reply, one of their Sector Leaders, Atticus Jeegan, told him, "I'm not sure. They creep me out too!"

Leave it to Marius to ask about statue eyes right after the Ancients start a rebellion. Clytemnestra was next to voice a question, "What is the Council going to do about the Ancients?" 

Patricia Blaizen, their other leader, replied back,"You need not worry about that. Let's just focus on the task at hand!"

"But if the Ancients are on the loose, someone needs to take care of them!" Clytemnestra responded.

"I said you don't need to worry!" Blaizen almost yelled. "The Council will take care of that!"

The rest of their trip to the Athena Headquarters was taken in silence. All the tyros were amazed by all the advanced architecture and designs. Andromeda was trying to take in as much as possible just from looking at it! Once they reached their destination, the Sector Leaders ushered them inside to what looked like an amphitheater, with it curving around like a basin.

"Welcome, new tyros, to the Athena Sector Headquarters, more commonly known to us as the Owl!" announced one of the other 4 leaders, Helena Trixtor.

"We are so happy you joined our Sector!" added in, the last leader, Astor Seeva. "Please take a seat so we can begin our introduction!" Astor declared. All the tyros took a seat and looked attentively at the 4 leaders on the stage.

"As aforementioned, we welcome you all to the Athena Sector; you have now all sealed your destinies," Atticus began. "Before you can rejoin your friends from other sectors for one last night, we want to give you an orientation on what it means to be in the Athena Sector."

"First of all, let's go over the rules," Helena announced. "No interfering on another's learning experience. That is our #1 rule here. If you are caught trying to distract someone studying or learning, the consequences will be most severe.

Second, treat everyone fairly, and do not discriminate of be prejudice. We may not be the Nemesis Sector, but we will not tolerate unfairness.

Third, fighting with weapons and injuries is allowed, as long as no one dies, someone's property is harmed, the other is unarmed, or the fight infringes on any other rules, like #1.

Fourth, you must maintain a very high grade average; Athena is the goddess of wisdom, after all! If you follow those 4 rules, you should do fine in this Sector!" At this point, Patricia took the stage, and continued on.

"We are the Athena Sector. We honor intelligence and bravery, and show disdain to the unjust and cowardly. Now, you will learn the meaning of Athena. I'm sure you all know this, but let me reiterate it for you. Athena was the daughter of Zeus and Metis. Zeus had received a prophecy that his next child would overthrow him. To prevent this, he challenged Metis to a shapeshifting contest.

When she turned into a fly, he ate he. Yes, he ATE her. Great parent and husband. Anyway, while inside Zeus's head, Metis pounded away at making a full set of armor for Athena. Athena was born inside Zeus' head, and donned her armor. This gave Zeus such a bad headache that he asked Hephaestus to split his head open with an axe. Great way to solve problems, hit them with an axe, even if it's your head!

Back to the story! Hephaestus gladly obliged, and when he hit Zeus' head, Athena popped out dressed in full battle armor. Since she was not born normally, but then again how many of Zeus' kids were born naturally? Dionysus came out of his thigh........ Anyway, since she had an abnormal birth, the prophecy cancelled out. That is the story of Athena's birth!"

Patricia backed away once more and let Astor take the stage. He then told the story of Athens.

"Athena's and Poseidon's rivalry started over the city of Athens. Both wanted it for their patron city, so they competed for it. The objective was to give the city a great gift. Poseidon gave them a water spring, but since it was salt water, nobody really liked it. On the other hand, Athena supplied an olive tree, and the people loved it! They ate the olives, and used the wood for tools! I always wondered what Athens would be called if Poseidon won, hmmm.... Poseiths? Poseidons? Poseidonths? Ok, I'm just glad Athena won!"

He concluded his part, and stepped back once more. Now, it was Atticus' turn to speak. "I hope you all understand truly what it means to be an Athena. It means to value intelligence and skill, but not to the point of overconfidence and pridefulness.

During the course of your life, you may come across people that don't share your beliefs. That's ok, but remember that you will all find friends in the Athena Sector. This concludes our introduction speech, please follow-" He got cut off as a bright light began shine above everything else.

"COVER YOUR EYES!" all the leaders shouted to the tyros. Everyone obeyed, and when the light died down, a woman with startling grey eyes was at center stage. The four leaders immediately knelt in recognition of who it was.

"Lady Athena, what an honor!" the four leaders spoke. "Why have you come here tonight?"

"Rise, you dutiful leaders of my Sector! I have come here tonight in regards of the Ancients."

"What can we do for you?" Helena inquired as they all rose to their feet. A god rarely visited a sector, and to do so would be considered a high honor.

"It is time that a new champion is brought to the light of Olympus."

"A champion? But that can only mean-" 

"Do not discuss it here." 

"Of course. Who might the champion be?"

"I look for the one named Andromeda Bellator. She must come with me immediately." Andromeda palled at that statement, but put on a brave front and strode forward.

"Lady Athena, " she began, as she knelt down. "I will do whatever you need."

"Rise, Andromeda Bellator, you must come with me to Olympus at once!" Gasps were audible from pretty much all of the crowd. It was exceptionally rare for a person, let alone a newly sectored tyro, to visit Olympus.

"Grasp my hand and I will fire flash us out of here. You can fire travel, correct?" Andromeda nodded nervously as she held Athena's hand. As they both flashed away, Andromeda was seriously contemplating the meaning of Athena.

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