On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


4. Spiff Skills

A/N: Another chapter! I love Spader-speak! Most of my fighting knowledge comes from the Pendragon book, Rivers of Zadaa, so that is why it might sound a little Batu-ish.

Andromeda leaped, or more appropriately, flew into battle with her spear in defense position. She continued to use her Air Powers in the battle against her opponents. She wasn't sure who exactly was even attacking her until she heard someone shout, "DOWN WITH OLYMPUS! UP WITH THE REVIVAL!" She then knew that she was fighting a Revival soldier, one of ones in the Ancients' army. Duck! Stab! Swing! Stab! Duck! Stab! Jump! Stab! Finally! She had stabbed her opponent in the shoulder and moved on from his unconscious body. She prepared to face more soldiers, but was not too surprised when none were left. She guessed that the appearance of 30 some gods can send any human running in terror. Especially if one of those gods was Deimos, Terror himself.

All the gods looked in pretty good condition, only one goddess, Iris, had a slight injury. Maybe rainbows aren't the most lethal substance. The gods were just about to head back into the Assembly room, all surprised at the lack of the Ancients using the Valite Stone, when a loud war cry was yelled out, "ATTACK!!!!!!!!!" Everyone turned around to see Heracles in a war chariot, with Achilles, Perseus, Theseus, and other Ancients flanking him. Embedded on a crown on his head, was none other than the Valite Stone, glistening in all of its golden glory. Fortunately, for the gods, Ares, Bellona, Athena, and all the other gods were back with their legions of soldiers, ready for combat. With a quick scan-over, Andromeda noted that the only brand new tyros fighting were Melissa, Jasper, Scorpia, Thalia, Sirina, and Andrew from Ares. The rest of the fighters were above tyro age. The Olympian Legions greeted the Ancient Armada on the middle of the streets of Olympus and began the battle. With the power of the Valite Stone, the Ancients were able to fend off the gods, and even injure some the weaker ones.

Blood and ichor were beginning to spill as more and more people/gods were knocked down. Andromeda was a whirlwind of energy as she took down more opponents. Literally. She had conjured a whirlwind of air with some water mixed in to aid in her battle. As she fought, she wondered how the Ancients had gathered such a large army. To get this large, they must have been recruiting from more than just Cloria and its outlying areas. After mulling over her thoughts, Andromeda once again put her entire focus into the battle at hand. As she slayed her current adversary, she glanced up, ready for the next one. From the stance of her approaching opponent, she could tell it was a girl, even though her face was under a helmet, and that this girl wasn't to strong.

She waited for the girl to make the first move, as her teachers always reminded, never make the first move unless it is a surprise attack. Or, if the you and your opponent circle each other indefinitely, and someone shouts at you to hurry up. Andromeda's been there, fought that. Anyway, she saw the girl's muscles tense up, which signified she was about to strike, Andromeda dodged just in time to strike back and trip the girl from under her feet. One well placed bonk to the helmet and the girl was out cold. Andromeda then searched out her next challenger. Her fighting style was not traditional, since most Greeks and Clorians fought with bows and arrows or swords. She, on the other hand was pretty good with those, but her specialty lied with staves and spears. That helped a lot in battle because her opponents didn't always know how to counter her fighting style.

Andromeda saw another angry-looking person coming at her, so she prepared her weapon. This person radiated an aura of power like no ordinary soldier, so she did not take this threat lightly. She could tell that it was a guy, but that was about it. Apparently though, he didn't know about the "don't make first move" rule either, because he just charged with brute forced. While he charged at her, Andromeda took a defensive stance, and looked as if she was about to impale him with her spear. On the contrary, she jumped out of the way right when he barreled past her, unable to stop his forward momentum. During this state of imbalance, Andromeda snuck up from behind, and knocked him flat on his back, and put some pressure from her foot on it to keep him there. She tried to disarm him, but as soon as she touched his sword, he leapt up, and caused her to stumble backwards a little. While mentally berating herself for letting her guard down, she regained composure just in time to avoid decapitation. She was up and ready to fight less than a second later. She swung at his legs to try and knock him down again, but he countered her strike with a skilled block of his sword. He appeared to have pretty good skills at sword-spear fighting, so Andromeda kicked it up a notch.

While thrusting her spear at him, she sent a mass of fire at his face as a distraction. Surprisingly, he countered it and returned to her a giant water sphere. She side-stepped it and caused a mini-earthquake to rupture under his feet as she once again tried to whack him. Fortunately, Andromeda's spear made contact with his back, but unfortunately, her Earth Shock had so much force that he landed on top of her. Both had the wind knocked out of them as they tried get back to their feet. During this event, Andromeda somehow grabbed his sword, and pointed that and her spear at his chest. In response, he made an ice dagger out of the mist in the air. Andromeda then sent a fireball at it to try and melt it. Although, instead of melting the dagger, he moved it out of the way, and singeing his arm in its place.

To Andromeda's surprise, not normal blood poured out, but ichor, the golden blood of the immortals. They both froze it utter surprise. She had managed to harm an immortal. She, a newly-Sectored tyro, had actually harmed an immortal, not necessarily a god, but an immortal. He stood in awe that a newly-Sectored tyro actually hurt him. After a about a minute of staring at each other, Andromeda resumed their fight with jabbing him repeatedly with the butt of her spear and his sword. Because of these gut jabs, the immortal guy fell over and passed out. Andromeda immediately bound him with an Air and Water rope. She then manipulated the air to carry him back to the Assembly Room.

Once she got there, she saw that majority of the gods, and all the other tyros were there as well. Every single eye was wide, and every single mouth agape at the sight of her levitating in a body bleeding ichor.

"Um....Andromeda...who is that?" Melissa asked.

"Oh it's a guy I defeated!" Andromeda replied brightly

"I meant, who he is, exactly, as in a name! Not many people drip ichor!"

"Yes, we would all like to know who that is!" Athena added. All eyes were on her, godly or human. Suddenly, Hestia flashed in with an injured Poseidon hanging on her arm. He was dripping ichor like the River Styx, and looked about to pass out from exhaustion.

"APOLLO!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!" she yelled.

"Right here! What do you.....oh, oh my gods!" he exclaimed at the site of the battered Poseidon. While Apollo tended to Poseidon, everyone else put their eyes back on Andromeda.

" me check now," she got out. She then pulled off his helmet and looked at his face. She loudly gasped at who it was, and almost dropped him. That was followed by the gasps of most every one else in the room. That was followed again by those with delayed-gasp-disorder. All the tyros, and even some of the gods knelt down in front of Andromeda. She was in a total state of shock at who it was. She knew precisely who he was, for she had seen his face many times on statues all over Cloria and in her history textbooks during her early training. Athena was the the first to speak, "Hail, Andromeda Bellator, defeater of the Minotaur-slayer.....Theseus!" After this proclamation, it left everyone thinking that this tyro had some pretty spiff skills.


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