On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


1. Sector Ceremony Gone Wrong

A/N: This is my new Greek Mythology story! Sorry if this sounds Divergent-ish, but that will change later! Please tell me your opinon of it and like/favorite! 

The day she had been waiting for her whole life had finally come. Andromeda was about to choose her Sector, which was the deciding choice of the rest of her life. The Sectors were groups of people dedicated to each Greek god or goddess. In Cloria, her home city, children chose the path of which god they wanted to pursue when they were 13. This choice became their Sector for life. Andromeda was only 15 minutes away from picking her destiny, and she still had indecision.

Her friends had it easier. Melissa was obviously going to join Poseidon because she was the absolute best Water User in the past few generations. Scorpia had a little more indecision, but she was confident in picking Hermes because her whole family has always been there, and she liked to trick people.

Andromeda considered Ares, because she enjoyed combat training, or Zeus, because she was one of the best Air Users in her generation, but after a few minutes more of contemplation, she found that her true desire lied with Athena.

She loved learning new things, and combat training, as aforementioned. Wisdom and War. That's the Athena Sector in a nutshell. The only reason she was unsure was because her twin sister, Sirina, was dead set on picking Zeus. She always wanted to become an official Air Master of Cloria. 

Finally, Andromeda had decided that her desires overruled family ties. She loved her sister, but wanted to follow her own dream of becoming a Combat and Strategy Master. That would allow her to become a leader on the Clorian Council. Besides, her sister and her weren't that close anyway. Clorian Council was the highest court in Cloria, and was the one that made decisions with the gods.

The gods. That was what a Clorian life was all about. Once you joined a god's Sector, you were basically pledging yourself to that god. The members of that council were even allowed to sit in and sometimes contribute to the gods meetings! 

"Welcome Clorians to our annual Sector Ceremony!" declared the announcer, Alexander Caesar (no relation to Julius Caesar) who also happened to be the leader of the Council. "This is where the Next Generation will determine the course of the rest of this lifetime!"

At this point, all the tyros walked onto the stage in an orderly fashion. "These young men and women that stand before you today have all reached at least their 13th year of age and have been trained in basic combat and mental skills." That's true.

To participate in the Sector Ceremony, all the tyros had to pass a difficult test on various subjects and Greek History, and do decently in a tournament of comabt skill and strategy. If someone failed either, they had to wait another year to choose their Sector. 

"I will call the tyros in order of how well they did in training!" he began. "First up, we have Andromeda Bellator and Melissa Blue, who both tied for first!" Andromeda was very happy at this accomplishment. Melissa had done a little better on the test, but Andromeda beat her in combat when a dog ran by and she got distracted. Never the less, a draw is a draw! Melissa walked up first, held her right arm diagonally across her chest in a Clorian salute, and yelled,

"Poseidon!" As she did this, a mark that resembled a trident burned into her right inner forearm, marking her forever as one of the Poseidon Sector. 

Andromeda was next. Taking a deep breath, Andromeda strode up to center of the stage, held her arm in salute, and shouted the one word that changed her life forever.

"Athena!" It was a strange, yet pleasant feeling as an image of an owl with 2 swords in the background formed on her skin. She felt this rush of energy as the mark glowed blue for a second, then died back down. While everyone lightly clapped, Athena descended from the stage, and joined he friends in the waiting area.

Soon enough, they were joined by Scorpia, who now had a caduceus marking on her arm, and they later saw Sirina join her friends with a lightening bolt marking. Sirina still talked to Andromeda once in a while, but they both had their separate lives, despite being sisters.

After all the tyros had a Sector, some of the heroes from the Circle of Ancient Heroes, or Ancients for short, got up to deliver a conclusion speach.

"It is nice to see all those young tyros in their Sectors today!" Heracles, their leader, began. "But, what I would rather see is the downfall of the gods!" Gasps on disbelief and horror were heard amongst the crowd. "Yeah, that's right! You heard me! Down with Olympus and Down with Cloria! The gods haven't done a thing for us in years! They are all off monitoring Mortal Earth and are to busy to even take care of their people!"

That was true. Ever since the Collision, the moment when Cloria and Olympus combined with Mortal Earth, things have been a little more chaotic in their new capitol, Cloria. The Capitol of the Gods was still Olympus, but no humans could go their without permission. Council members were occasionally invited, but that was once in a blue moon.

"And the most treacherous thing of all, was the fact that we are now expected to convert over to the human beliefs and styles! I mean, how can we be expected to be true Greeks when we are forced to behave like mortals! No weapons in public! Not every conflict is solved in a duel! People being free to deny the gods wishes!"

That again was true. Any unSectored child can choose to leave Cloria and its training at any time. Also, weapons were not allowed to be displayed in public, but that did not stop anyone from concealing them as bracelets or rings. 

Panic began to spread as several of the Ancients grabbed their weapons and held them out threateningly to the crowd. Everyone else that had a weapon, which was pretty much everyone over the weapon-bearing age of 9, drew their ammunition and got ready for a fight.

What they did not expect was Heracles to continue speaking. "Anyone that shares our beliefs that is over tyro age, (16 years) can come and join us now. Surprisingly, about 20 soldiers jumped out of nowhere and began to circle around the crowd. That was when the fighting began.

Some of the Ares people started to try and subdue the rogue soldiers, but shockingly, they only turned and fled, along with most of the Ancients. Even some over the people in the crowd joined them.

"TRAITORS! All of you!" Alexander yelled to the defectors.

"The Revival will prevail!" Achilles shouted over the chaos as he ran with the crowd. Before anyone could do anything, the Ancients transported themselves and their followers away in a flash. 

Once everyone somewhat calmed down, Alexander took the stage again.

"All tyros, please head to your new Sector leaders and get orders from them. To everyone, the Ancients that did not flee have been apprehended and taken away. Please return home, we will let you know more tomorrow." 

With that, everyone left in a somewhat orderly fashion. As they parted their separate ways, Andromeda commented to Melissa and Scorpia,

"That was a Sector Ceremony gone wrong!" They both replied,


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