On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


3. Cryptic Prophecies

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Athena and Andromeda appeared in the center of the Olympian Assembly. It used to be just for the Olympians, but since the Collision, all minor gods have a seat on the Assembly as well.

"I have brought you Andromeda, like you asked!" announced Athena. 

"Great, now we can fully begin," Zeus replied. "Welcome, all of you, and welcome our little Athena tyro to the Assembly. You may wonder why I brought you here today,"

At this point, almost all the gods yelled in agreement. "Silence! This is an important meeting!"

"Of course it is!" shouted Dionysus. "Just like that time you called us here to help you find your lightning bolt!" Murmurs of laughter were heard amongst the crowd. 

"SILENCE! Did none of you see the Ancients begin their 'Revival' yesterday? That is what this is about! Not me losing my best and most powerful weapon! On second thought, where did that go......must find that later. Anyway!

We are gathered here today to discuss the Champion and how to stop this Ancient Revival. First, and foremost, we have to protect the Valite Stone. If the Revival gets their hands on that we are in a lot of trouble-" 

"Lord Zeus!" Hermes yelled as he flashed into and interrupted the meeting. "The Valite Stone had been stolen!" All the gods exploded in accusation at Zeus for letting that happen. 

"QUIET! Now, Hermes, when and where was it last seen?" 

"In it's case in the Hero Museum......oh...oops." 


"Um, Zeus, you know that museum is in your Sector, right?" Poseidon pointed out. 

" want maximum security around every place holding powerful artifacts, we don't need any more stolen! Ares, Athena, Bellona, and any other combat specialist sector, get on that now!" 

"Lord Zeus, all artifacts and items in the Athena Sector are already secure and under armed guard," Athena declared proudly. "I think our young tyro deserves an explanation of what is happening." It was true, during this whole debacle; Andromeda just knelt in awe at just being in the presence of so many gods at once. 

"Alright, Andromeda, rise and let us explain some things to you," Zeus complied. "First of all, as you should know, the Valite Stone is a stone of immeasurable power. It is uncertain of how it was created, but that was sometime before the Golden Age. With that stone, the wielder will have an increase in power and strength. It is one of the four things that can mortally wound a god."

Andromeda just stood their, taking it all in, when she asked a question. 

"What does this all have to do with me?" 

"It has everything to do with you! You are the Champion!" Athena declared.

"That is not known! It could be someone else!" Hades countered. 

"It has to be her! The Prophecy doesn't fit much anyone else!" 

"Wait, there's a prophecy about me?" Andromeda asked innocently.

"You do not need to-" Athena was cut off by Zeus, 

"Its okay, Athena, if, and if she is the Champion, she needs to know it. Apollo! Please recite it for us!"

"Okay, Lord Zeus! Here it is: 
A day will come when the heroes uprise

And take an item that leads to demise
A savior, will be a child born into the air
And they will have help from the scorpion and the mare
When they have their biggest challenge to face
Help will come, their saving grace
But beware of the second brightest of them all
That person's trust could lead to the Gods downfall
Luck will come with many quads
This child we be the Champion of the Gods

Andromeda was just as puzzled as the rest of the gods. At once, everyone started complaining and making suggestions. 

"WILL YOU ALL BE QUIET!" Zeus roared. "Hephaestus, make me one of those things that the mortals use in courts to quiet everyone down." 

"You mean a gavel?" Hephaestus verified.

"Yes one of those things. Back to business! Can anyone decode any part of this prophecy? And, ONE AT A TIME!"

Andromeda nervously spoke up, "Lord Zeus, I think I know part of it." 

"Please enlighten us."

"Well, I am a very successful Air User. And my friends, Scorpia and Melissa might be the Scorpion and Mare. Scorpia, well, is scorpion, and Melissa has joined the Poseidon Sector. Mare means 'sea' in Latin. Also, is everything around here based on fours because of that 'quad' line? I mean, 4 Sector leaders, 4 God-harming tools, and there are so many others!"

"Yes, that is why we have so many 4's. Your interpretation sounds very plausible. Anyone object?" 

"Yes, Zeus, I do." Hera declared. "It says that we should not trust the second brightest, and she got 2nd for the written part of her tyro exam. I object!" 

"Then who do you think is the Champion?" 

"I'm not sure, but it's not her!" 

"Anyone that thinks Andromeda is not the Champion, raise your hand now!" A few gods raised their hands, Hera, Poseidon, and Hades being some. "Sorry Hera, but you are outvoted. Until proven differently, Andromeda is our champion! Now let's move on to what to do about the Ancients-" He was cut off by a large banging noise on the outside of the Assembly Building. 

Ares yelled, "WERE BEING ATTACKED! RALLY YOUR SOLDIERS!" All the gods disperses to take care of their legions. Only Andromeda and a few others remained. As Andromeda drew her spear and looked for an exit, she wondered why prophecies had to be so cryptic.

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