On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


5. Crispy Critter

A/N: Another chapter! Sorry for lack of update. My muse wasn't being agreeable. The translations are from Google translate, so they may or may not be accurate. 

Everyone, human or god or whatever just stood in more shock for a few minutes after hearing Athena's declaration. Andromeda had just defeated one of the most prominent heroes in history. Eventually, Apollo spoke up. "What do we do with him?" 

"Well, we should interrogate him, for one thing!" Ares pointed out. "He may have some useful information." 

"I fully agree with you, Ares. Can you put a prisoner-of-war binding on him?" Zeus announced. "And Apollo, put the Candor Curse on him as well." A few more gasps were heard all around. The Candor Curse is only used in extreme situations where truthfulness is needed. It forced whoever was under it to say whatever was on their mind at any given moment, but only could be used once every six months. Only an exceptionally talented person at blocking any and all thoughts could resist it.

"Constringo vos ut captivis" Ares chanted, as the bindings Andromeda put on him fell away with new, stronger ones taking their place.

"Ego praecipio vobis loqui penitus et plene vericiter" Apollo continued, enacting the Candor Curse. 

"Now that that situation is temporarily taken care of, let's move on to how this all came to happen," Zeus decided. "Andromeda, if you would?" Seeing this as Zeus's subtle way of saying, "You'd better start explaining, or something bad on a godly level will occur!", she began.

"Well, after Lord Ares sounded alarm, I fled down into battle. I first knocked out this guy, then another girl-" At this, Sirina appeared to glance at the floor. "-then I came up to this other guy. He seemed pretty powerful, and he really turned out to be. First. I knocked him out, but he came back and kept fighting. Eventually, I had to use Elemental Abilities to try and defeat him. I caused an Earth Rupture-" 

"So that was you!" Demeter interjected. "I knew I felt something! Continue please."

"Anyway, we fought for a while, until I hit his arm with a fireball. When he bled ichor, I realized that he was an Immortal. He was so surprised, that I got to knock him unconscious completely, and then I bound him and dragged him here. You know the rest."

Everyone was still stunned at this story. Except for Hera, who had a look of utmost skepticism on her face. 

"How can you believe her? He is probably not even the real Theseus! There is no way she can overcome the power of the Valite Stone!" Andromeda had never even thought of that part.

"Now Hera, we can no go shooting around accusations left and right," Zeus brought up.

"The matter of her truthfulness can be solved with one simple oath. Andromeda, to calm my somewhat-not-in-the-right-mind wife, could you make an Honesty Oath?" While, dodging a punch form Hera, Andromeda began speaking.

"I swear on the temple of Phoebus Apollo, that all I have spoken is true!" 

"There you have it, Hera!" Aphrodite jeered. "Considering the tyro did not spontaneously combust, she is telling the truth!" All of the other gods nodded in recognition.

"But how did she block the Valite Stone's added strength?" Hera continued. "She is only 13! Newly Sectored! Theseus should have been able to crush her underfoot! Dead! Gone! Squashed! Obliterated!"

" you mind not describing ways for her to get severely maimed?" Athena asked. "And anyway, she tied for top scores in Tyro Training, so what says that she can't beat Theseus? After all, she is in my Sector!"

"The law of 'Valite Stone gives almost insurmountable strength' says that she can't beat him! It goes against all logic!"

"Hera, logic flew out the window a long time ago, and I don't think it's coming back any time soon!" Hermes protested.       

"Says the god that ignores logic when it's right in front of his face!"

"Hey! I may not be Athena, but at least I sometimes use logic, unlike another certain goddess I could mention! *cough*cow goddess*cough*"

"Why you little-" 

"Both of you shut up!" Zeus yelled.

"Shut doesn't go up, only mortal gas prices and taxes do!" Hermes retorted.

"But he called me non-logical!" Hera added. 

"Exactly, now you are coming to your senses!" 

"QUIET! Before I have Harpocrates put a silencer on you both! Hephaestus, how is that gavel coming?" 

"Well, considering we only had a battle and a few meetings between the times you told me that, and now, it is still non-existent," Hephaestus reported.


"You forgot the battle already, brother?" Hades teased. "Maybe we need to have Hypnos check your memory. You might be going schizophrenic!" 


"Get what?" Hermes asked mischievously. At that, Zeus hurtled a lighting bolt at lightning speed toward Hermes. While acting in self-protection, Hermes vaporized and appeared a few feet away, safe from blast zone. Because of this, the lightning bolt deflected off Hermes's chair, and sped toward Ares. Using a materialized shield, Ares blocked it and sent it flying toward Artemis. She used her bow to ricochet it away from her and toward the area where the tyros were standing. All of them hit the ground faster than normally possible, so instead of it hitting a tyro, it fried the next nearest object, none other than their new prisoner, Theseus. 

"Great going, Zeus! You fried our one source of information!" Dionysus exclaimed. Cries of outrage were heard from the rest of the godly congregation as well. 

"In my defense, if Hermes, Ares, Artemis, and the tyro hadn't done anything, he would still be here!" Zeus yelled back.

"So you would rather have me torched?" Ares shot back.

"Yeah, what's with that?" Artemis agreed. 

"I prefer to not be today's barbecue!" Hermes added.

"And we need those tyros! They happen to be the best of their generation!" Athena supplied. "One of them happens to be our Champion!"

"But we do not know that for sure! Hera disagreed.

"Oh can it, Hera! She defeated Theseus, for the gods sake!" Hestia protested.

"Its don't can, only pork and beans do!" Hermes retorted.

"How dare you insult me! You minor goddess!" Hera declared.

"Who are you calling minor? I am older than you!" Hestia shouted.

"IRENE! PLEASE CALM THE MASSES!" Zeus bellowed out loud. Doing her job as the Peace Goddess, Irene sent an Amity Wave out, and the effects were immediate. Everyone collapsed in their chairs, and more importantly, stopped shouting at one another. "Thank you, now, let's have the Assembly adjourn until tomorrow, while a few of us stay behind take care of and handle the situation of our little crispy critter."


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