On the day of Andromeda's long-awaited Sector Ceremony, new information comes to light about the heroes of the old. Led by Heracles, the Circle of Ancient Heroes begin a revolt against the gods and all that they stand for. Watch as Andromeda and her friends become part something big, godly big that is. Will she rise to her warrior heritage as the God's Champion? Or will she succumb to the allure of the Ancient side?


9. Bingo!

A/N: I changed a few names from past chapters to make them more original. Aja is now Clytemnestra, and Mark is now Marius.  That's all I have to say, so on with the story! 

As she walked back to the Athena Sector from where Athena dropped her off, Andromeda had some time to think. She was still wrapping her mind around the fact that a major prophecy possibly rested on her shoulders. She was also wondering how her plans to begin intense studying in the Owl (Athena Sector HQ) changed into plans for a reconnaissance into enemy land. Albeit being quite skilled, Andromeda still had a healthy sense of self-preservation. Charging head on into territory where you are outnumbered and most likely out-skilled, didn't seem to self-preserving. 

She had just made her way into the Owl, when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. Quickly, she spun around, while taking a defensive stance. Luckily, it was no dangerous threat whatsoever. Unluckily, it was one of her biggest annoyances ever. Xova Toidi. That one name can annoy the Hermes out of her. Xova was this guy who had a crush on her since they were about 10. He constantly asked her out, but she constantly turned him down. Andromeda didn't want to date guys in general, but he was usually at the top of her, "want to strangle" list. He was very weak and pale, almost stick-like. He was easily one of the most controlling, (although no one listened to him) pompous, (although everyone silently agreed that there weren't many of his qualities to be proud of) and odd person she had ever met. Sometimes you would see him mumbling some nonsense to himself, or air-stabbing an air-sword in someone's direction. 

Once Andromeda and her friends lost track of how many times he asked her out, she decided to take a leaf out of Atalanta's book. She told him that once he defeated her in a duel without him cheating or having any aid, then she would go out with him. Since then, he would challenge her at the most random times, only to be defeated every time. 

"Xova!" Andromeda called out. "What do you think you're doing here? In case you hadn't noticed, this is the ATHENA Sector, not the Mania Sector!" Xova was only an angstrom away from not even being able to participate in the Sector Ceremony. Actually, Andromeda wondered how he passed all of his Tyro Tribulations, especially combat. 

"Are you suggesting that I'm insane?" Xova responded. 

"Well..maybe not insane.....but.....yeah, I'm suggesting you're insane," Andromeda replied. 
"Anyway.....I'll ignore that for now. I came all the way from the HEPHAESTUS Sector to challenge you once more to a duel! Begin!" Andromeda was so stunned that he chose the Hephaestus Sector, and they actually let him in. If it were up to her, Xova would never be allowed within 100 feet on flaming-hot metals and hammers. Because of this shock, Xova was able use his sword to actually land a moderately-lethal blow to her left arm. 

Outraged, Andromeda immediately summoned her weapon and leapt into action. While expertly wielding her new spear that Athena had given her, she hoped to settle this dispute quickly so she can resume planning the reconnaissance quest. Surprisingly, Xova appeared to be holding his own during this duel, and for once, it lasted more than ten seconds. 

As Andromeda feinted a stab to Xova's leg, he sidestepped right into the intended line of her spear. While recognizing that his leg was now bleeding, she disarmed him and through him to the ground roughly. 

"How dare you attack me in my own Sector while I'm unarmed!" Andromeda yelled to him. "And just the fact that you entered without permission should warrant some sort of penalty!" 

"What do you mean, unarmed?" Xova shot back incredulously. "You have to perfectly good arms right there!" 

"That's not what I meant! One of the main rules in the Athena Sector is 'No attacking an unarmed opponent in a fair duel!' Andromeda pointed out. 

"Yeah, but I'm not in the Athena Sector anyway!" Xova stupidly announced. 

"Xova...incase your eyes haven't noticed the giant owl statue, and the sign that says, 'Welcome New Tyros to the Athena Sector' I just want to point out that you technically are in the Athena Sector," Andromeda told him sarcastically. He was starting to really get on her nerves. "Speaking of which, how did you make it this far without being stopped anyway?" 

"Easy. I just have to walk around, look like I'm made of smarticle particles, and have it appear to look like I belong here. Which I do, since I belong anywhere since I am in charge of everything!" Xova idiotically replied. Suddenly, a new voice joined the foray. 

"Care to repeat that in front of the Clorian Council, Xova?" Both Andromeda and Xova turned to find Astor Seeva, one of the four Clorian leaders, standing in plain view. Both of them also had a feeling that he witnessed their entire transgression. "Because that is exactly where you are going. Andromeda is right, you did break one of our Sector rules. Follow me, now!"

"But what about Andromeda! She fought me back! Look at what she did to my leg!" Xova cried. 

"Andromeda was not the one to attack an unarmed opponent, and Andromeda is not the one who is trespassing into another Sector," Astor calmly replied. "Anyway, Andromeda, you should go prepare for your......excursion. I will handle Xova." 

"Thanks Mr. Seeva!" Andromeda happily cried with glee. Xova usually got out of punishments because people believed he was mentally unstable. But she knew Astor would not be like that.

"Call me Astor, saying Mr. Seeva sounds too formal for someone of your status." Andromeda slightly blushed at that comment, whereas Xova looked infuriated by it, but made no comment. 

"See you later, Andromeda!" Astor called.

"See you too!" She replied. 

As Andromeda continued her walk back to her new barracks, she thought about what her strategy for this mission would be. She also wondered why the gods had the brilliant idea to give her only a few hours notice. Within 24 hours, she most likely will be on a treacherous journey to enemy lands. She and her fellow mission-mates need a well thought out plan. Then she thought back to Xova's words, "Appear like you belong there."  Her head snapped up in realization. Bingo!



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