Break My Heart [CANCELLED!!!]

There was an average girl named Carlie who was afraid to love again. She get her heart broken at her early age...will one star pick up the pieces?


2. The Star

Justin walked out of the recording studio with Ryan and Scooter. "That was amazing, J-Man! Always!" Ryan exclaimed. Justin grinned and laughs slightly. "I know but it was tiring too." He sighed. When they were out of the building, many girls approached them.

As usual, they want autographs and some wants kiss or hug which is probably awkward for Justin and they asked some from Ryan too. Talk about Awkwardness! Anyways, they ran to the limo as Scooter tries to shove away the fans. "Justin! Ryan! Hurry! I can't keep up with these girls! They're very strong!" Scooter yelled. Justin and Ryan hurried inside the limo and watched Scooter getting pushed in every direction. They laughed but then they stopped as Scooter suddenly disappeared.

They looked around but they can't still see him. Suddenly, someone gets inside the car. They turned around quickly expecting a fan but it was Scooter. They sighed in relief.

"Oh. Thank God! you're okay. I can't do this celebrity thing without you." Justin said. "And I can't prank you without you." Ryan butted in. (To make the story funnier, I made Ryan be a jokester and he usually targets Scooter). Scooter glared at Ryan but Ryan simply ignored it.

"Anyways, I was wondering if we can write a new song...Something like really catchy and people would never get it out from their heads." Justin said. He was more onto his career than anything but he was having fun too.

"Hmm...How can you write one? You need to be inspired...look, Justin, take a break first...You just finished recording your new song. You're killing yourself." Scooter replied. "But I've got nothing else to do." Justin replied back. Suddenly, Ryan exclaimed, "I know what else you can do." Ryan smiled while nodding like an idiot. "What?" Justin asked, confused.

"Help me pull a prank on Scooter! Now that's what I call 'something-you-can-do'". Ryan exclaimed, smirking. Scooter glared at Ryan again. "I'm still here and you crossed the line again...uhmmm..." Scooter stopped at mid-sentence as he thinks of a comeback. "uhmm....prankster.." Scooter nervously said. 'Really? That's the best I can come up with? Ugh!' Scooter thought.

Justin looked back at Ryan then at Scooter then at Ryan then at Scooter. They were shooting comebacks at each other as Justin stared at them back and forth. It was sure a hell lot of fun.

Little did Justin knew, his life would change.

[A/N: BTW, thanks to Bieberaddict123 and assisbieber for the great comments. Hope you guys enjoy this another Chapter 2 made. Hope you like it.]

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