Break My Heart [CANCELLED!!!]

There was an average girl named Carlie who was afraid to love again. She get her heart broken at her early age...will one star pick up the pieces?


1. Cheating???!!!

Carlie was walking towards the library, her black straight her, flowing behind her. Her uniform dancing around as she hurried. When she arrived, she ran at the last bookshelves as she needs to research something for her project. As she stopped, she saw....her boyfriend and her best friends, holding hands and murmuring something to each other.

Carlie felt tears coming but she didn't let them out. He was not worth her tears. She cleared her throat and then they looked up at her. Her best friend, Natalie, had her eyes widened when she saw her and her boyfriend, James, was shocked to see her as well. Natalie backed off from James then she approached Carlie.

"Oh My Gosh! Carlie, it's not what it looks like!" Natalie exclaimed. Carlie looked at James then at her. "I can't believe you, Natalie. You were supposed to be my best friend!" Carlie yelled. After what she saw, she forgot that she was in the library.

"I-I'm sorry, Carlie! Please forgive me!" Natalie stuttered. Carlie shook her head in disappointment and then turns around to left but she almost forgot something so she turned again to them but looks at James. "By the way, we're over!" She exclaimed then quickly left.

Carlie was close to tears again but she didn't let them escape. She blinked once...twice...thrice to make her tears disappear. She walked home, running, wanting to get home.

When she get home, her mother saw her sudden outburst from the door. She approached her daughter, slowly. "Honey, is something wrong? Are you okay?" She asked. Carlie suddenly broke down at her mother. "Everything's wrong mom! James! Natalie! I even saw them with my own eyes! MY BOYFRIEND AND MY BEST FRIEND! That hurts mom!" She cried. Carlie knew she can't keep anything from her mom even though she can put a smile on her face.

Her mom, Charlie, rubbed her daughter's back to comfort her. She knew that James was not the guy for her. "Oh, honey!" She exclaimed. She really didn't know what to say. She can't even imagine that Natalie would chase after her best friend's boyfriend...She actually liked Natalie but hearing her sudden outburst about her boyfriend and her best friend suddenly made her hate Natalie.

Her daughter doesn't deserve to be hurt and she doesn't deserve anyone like Natalie and James...she deserved better. Oh! How she wish she can do anything to help her.


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