Break My Heart [CANCELLED!!!]

There was an average girl named Carlie who was afraid to love again. She get her heart broken at her early age...will one star pick up the pieces?


4. Beverly Hills part 2

Justin was watching TV when suddenly the door bell rings. "Coming!" he yelled. He approached the door and opened it only to see Ryan. "Hey, Ry. What are you doing here?" Justin asked. Ryan invites himself inside. "Well, I was thinking...we should go hang out at BH." Ryan suggested. Justin sighed.

"I'm not sure. I just wanna stay at home. It's more cozy in here. Can't you see what happened to Scooter yesterday?" Ryan laughed suddenly. "I know, right?! He looks really pathetic around those girls." Ryan laughed more until he was clutching his stomach. He looks at Justin while still laughing. Justin looked at him, weirdly...his eyebrows raised.

Ryan slowly stopped then scratches the back of his head and cleared his throat. " up for it?" Ryan asked, looking awkward.

"I don't know. We could just stay here." Justin shrugged. Ryan shook his head. "It's getting boring offence but please...I really want to go there but I can't by myself...I need my best friend with me!" Ryan cried, shaking his best friend's shoulders, looking dramatic as ever.

"Okay! Okay! Fine. But you owe me for this." Justin pointed out and Ryan smiled widely and nodded. Justin shook his head and laughed slightly.

"Well...what are you waiting for? Go get your things...the limo is waiting!" Ryan yelled out then runs out the front door, going towards the limo.

Justin grabs his things and then locks his house, running towards the limo. "Hey, Ryan! Does Scooter know about this?" Justin asked. Ryan pursed his lips and stayed silent. Justin hinted that he doesn't. "Probably not." Justin murmured. He took out his phone out and dialled Scooter's number.

"Hey, Justin! What do you want?" Scooter said. "Actually, me and Ryan are going to BH today...Is it okay?" Justin asked. "Of course...Why are you asking permission? I'm not your parent or anything. Have fun!" Scooter replied then hangs up. "Okay! Let's go!" Justin exclaimed then the driver drove them to Beverly.

After 15 minutes, they arrived the place and Ryan and Justin scooted out the limo and looked around.

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