Break My Heart [CANCELLED!!!]

There was an average girl named Carlie who was afraid to love again. She get her heart broken at her early age...will one star pick up the pieces?


3. Beverly Hills part 1

After what happened, Charlie got a day off at work. She decided to go to Beverly Hills with her daughter to cheer her up. She knows how Carlie loved Beverly very much and that's not because of the celebrities everywhere but the nice and mesmerizing view of it.

"Carlie, I know what we should do today." Charlie said. Carlie looked at her mom, confusedly. "What is it? If it's about going to Uncle Ray again asking us to shave his hairy back then I don't wanna go...No offence, mom...but it's just gross." Carlie said, her face looking disgusted. Charlie let out a laugh. "Oh. No...Even better. I decided that we should go to Beverly today...I know how much you love there." Charlie said, smiling.

Carlie felt herself lit up. She definitely love Beverly Hills. It was a nice place to go too. She have been there ever long as she can remember. "Really?! Oh My Gosh! You're like...the best mom in the whole wide world!" Carlie cried then she tackled her mom into a hug.

"Awww...thanks, honey." Charlie hugged her daughter back, feeling herself smile proudly as she just heard her daughter say that. They both pulled away after awhile. "We should get ready." Charlie announced and Carlie nodded then rushed to her room. Charlie laughed as she goes to get ready in her own room as well.

After an hour, they were ready. Carlie was wearing a brown/gold sequin off-the-shoulder top,a black hipster straight-leg jean and then a brown platform pumps. Then she put on a silver earrings then a charm bracelet she got on her 15th birthday from her mum and a silver necklace she bought from Beverly.[A/N: She looked really gorgeous trust me. If you want to see the outfit she's wearing just comment. :)]

While Charlie was wearing a grey/blue embellished lace top, a white low five skinny pants and a Colin Stuart brown-leather platform bootie. Charlie looked like Carlie's own sister with the Casual-Chic look and Carlie can't help but notice how beautiful her mother is. She wondered why her dad left her mom.

"Mom, you look great. Men might mistake you as my older sister." Carlie joked. Charlie laughed slightly. "I would tell them i'm your mother. They might back off." Charlie said. She wasn't the woman who would look for another man, the only thing she cared about was her job and her only one else.

They walked towards the car as Charlie went inside the driver's seat then she started the car. Carlie sat at the passenger's seat. Carlie felt weird as it is the first time she would go to Beverly Hills without Natalie.

Natalie was her first ever girl friend. They were friends since kindergarten but after the incident, she felt like Natalie was no more.

Charlie started driving but noticed how Carlie was so quite. She was supposed to blabber about how cool Beverly Hills is but instead she's staring out the window. She decided to break the silence.

"Carlie, is something wrong?" Charlie asked, taking a short glance at her once in a while. Carlie looked at her mom then at the road. "It's just...It felt weird going without Natalie. She was always with us whenever we're going." Carlie sighed.

She's still hurt from what she saw and happened but she can't help missing her only best friend.


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