Sparkles, glitter, and other fairy shit

Ellie and Ronny have absolutley nothing in commen but they're best friends and they work for One Direction but at the same time they don't, oh and did I mention, they're M.I.A opratives? Confused? read and find out what I'm talking about. :)


7. Ch.6 I don't think so!

Ronny's POV:

I sighed as I walked down the steps and off the roof. I can't believe I have to wear a dress, a fucking DRESS! I walked in the hotel room thinking Harry was asleep since it was pretty late. Yeah... I was wrong. He was laying down leaning on his shoulders on the bed on his laptop. 

"What the hell is wrong with you man?!", with that he looked up from his laptop. "AH, She speaks!" I scoffed, "It's," I stopped to look at my watch "12:35 in the fucking morning! Why the hell are you still up!?" 
"First, hi to you too. Second, you swear too much. And third, I was waiting for you." 

I just scoffed again. I went to my bag and grabbed my pj's and went to the bathroom. I changed, brushed my teeth and combed through my hair. When I got out of the bathroom Harry was already in bed. "You don't talk much do you?" I just shook my head meaning no. 

"I'm going to sleep. Goodnight!" I said pulling out the couch bed.

"Then how come you're on the couch?"

"Because I'm not sleeping with you, Styles! EVER."

"Maybe not tonight, but you will at some point."

"In your dreams! Goodnight!"

"I hope so! Night, love!"






A/N; hey guys ok sorry for the short chapter the next chapters also gonna be short. I'll post it some time before the end of the week, I'm not sure how long the chapter after that's gonna be or when I'm putting it up truthfully I have only just started writing it. Xx


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