Sparkles, glitter, and other fairy shit

Ellie and Ronny have absolutley nothing in commen but they're best friends and they work for One Direction but at the same time they don't, oh and did I mention, they're M.I.A opratives? Confused? read and find out what I'm talking about. :)


6. ch.5 Can we not?

Ellie's POV:


Zayn took my check in his hand and was about to kiss me when I heard Ronny's voice through the ear piece. "Meet me on the roof, like NOW!" I jumped "AH!" and pushed Zayn away from me. "God!" I sighed. Zayn gave me a confused look, I just ignored him and grabbed some clothes and other things, and I locked myself in the bathroom. I put on a light pink tank top, my hot pink frayed pencil skirt, and light pink sparkly flats. I put one of my guns on my stomach and another on my side, I grabbed my bag, and I put my hair up in a high ponytail. When I left the bathroom Zayn was nowhere in site 'hmm I guess he left.' I was about to leave the room when Zayn started touching my tattoo. "Wow this tattoo is amazing, it's so professionally done!" I grabbed his arm, "I'm warning you now Malik if you touch ANY of my tattoos again you won't have this arm" and I walked out. when I got into the elevator I called Ronny, "I'm on my way up!"


When I got up I saw Ronny, "Ready?" as soon as she took her wings out I knew what she meant, and I took mine out too and nodded. We were flying around for awhile (Ronny even got some awesome pictures!) when I got a call from Lea "ELLIE!"

"Yes, Lea? What do you want?"

"I need you to meet with Vince"


"Do we have to?"

"Yes, he's the closest agent to you!"

For the love of the gods!

"Fine, but you're telling Ronny."

"Very well"

While she's telling Ronny I'll tell you who Vince is:



Vince Ekup:

-In my words, er should I say Ronny's-

He is a low life, perverted, twat that can't keep his damn hands to his asshole self.

But he's one of the best agents. Perverted. But one of the best.

he's like one of those perverted dunk guys you would see at a club except he's not perverted because he's drunk (he almost never is) he's perverted just cause that's him. 


"NO. NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, NO! Just No. No."






"Very well."

"Ok I'll tell her."


"She told you?"

"What do you think?"

"Alright come on let's back inside nerd."

Ok so you're probably wondering 'Why was she freaking out?'  well it's because M.I.A agents always meet at Masquerades (that's why we brought the masks) I know it's weird, but it's just how it is, not my decision to make. Any way we have been to many of them before the issue with this one is we HAVE to wear dresses. Before we didn't HAVE to wear em, and the thing is Ronny has never. EVER. Worn a dress or skirt in her life. EVER.







A/N: Hey guys sorry for taking so long to post the last chapter I wanted to post it before but it was too short so what I did with chapter 4 is I combined it with chapter 5 and this chapter was originally chapter 6 but since I put 4 and 5 together this ones shorter and I already finished chapter 6 but I recently got grounded for the stupidest thing in the world it's a long story so I'm not sure how long it's gonna take to get chapter 6 up just be patient. Xx


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