Sparkles, glitter, and other fairy shit

Ellie and Ronny have absolutley nothing in commen but they're best friends and they work for One Direction but at the same time they don't, oh and did I mention, they're M.I.A opratives? Confused? read and find out what I'm talking about. :)


4. Ch.3 America? Yeah... we're kinda wanted there!

Ellie's POV:


The next day we had to go to the airport...

we're going to America...


me and Ronny are kinda wanted in America.

But we're going to New York so it'll be easy to blend in...

I hope!


We were all hungover getting on the plane, except Liam. (but you probably already knew that.) On the plane I sat next to Zayn and Ronny sat next to Harry. (thanks to Lea.)


As soon as the plane was in the air I decided to ask Zayn about Perrie, "So. Zayn. Are you excited to see Perrie again?"


"Um... can you keep a secret?" That my attention. "Yeah!" If he try's to change the subject, I swear to god! "I think my mate Harry over there likes your friend." he said smirking. I looked over to see them both laugh and I could even hear Ronny snorting! It made me smile. I nodded when I turned back to Zayn. "Yeah and I think she likes him too." I put my head phones in and fell asleep.


Music is the only thing keeping me and Ronny looking like normal humans. It's hard for us, especially with the sparkles, en glitter, en shit in our hair. OH! and our hair don't even get me started on our hair, correction our HIGHLIGHTS they appear and disappear and reappear again at the worst moments, like for me it's whenever I'm really happy or overjoyed and they're a hot pink colour, and it's even worse for Ronny it's whenever she's mad (they turn blue), and it's not hard to get her mad. Ronny is a perfectionist for her EVERYTHING has to be perfect, but other times she doesn't even care, it's confusing. ok so you know how me and Ronny have tattoos and piercings and stuff well we have almost all the same piercings and one matching tattoo we hide all our tattoos and most of our piercings, and if you're wonder what they are and where I'll explain it to you now.





1. dream catcher going down the whole side of my body.

2. a feather with peaces of the feather breaking off and turning into birds going up the back of my neck and under the feather it says 'Be Free' and it's on my right shoulder blade.

3. the last one is the matching tattoo Ronny and I got, it's and infinity sign with the word love connecting it I put it on the inside of my wrist and Ronny put hers on the back of her neck like right under her hair line in the middle.



1. the infinity tattoo.

2. right next to her belly button she has the number 14 in roman numerals.

3. on the side of her hip she has fish scales.

4. on her right shoulder blade also is a dandelion being blown away and the pieces turning into birds also going up the back of her neck.





1. nose piercing.

2.belly button piercing.



1.nose piercing.

2.belly button piercing.

3.snake bites.

4.tongue piercing.


When I woke up there were huge flashes of light I took my ear buds out and heard the camera and automatically knew that it was Ronny taking pictures of me, "RONNY! I told you STOP taking pictures of me while I'm sleeping!" "It's not JUST you." I could almost heart the smile on Lou's face. Then I realized Zayn was holding me also sleeping. I pushed him off of me and left for the bathroom.


When I got out of the bathroom I hit something solid.




"Better watch where you're going little pixie!" he winked at me. "Fairy*" I said correcting him, he just gave me a confused look, I just winked at him, mimicking him from before and walking away.


When we got off the plane the boys signed some autographs for fans and Ronny got some pics. After we went to the hotel, the boys rented out the whole hotel, but we still have to share rooms, I don't get it. Paul met us in the lobby and told who was sharing rooms.


these are the groups Paul put us in:

Lou and Ashley

Niall and Josh

Liam and Louis

Harry and Ronny

Zayn and I


The last two were thanks to Lea again.


I took our room key and left to go unpack. I could her Zayn following behind me. When we got in he closed the door. I turned around to get my bags, but surprisingly Zayn grabbed my waist and slammed my back to the wall, and looked me up and down hungrily, "You know Perrie isn't really my girlfriend right?" I kept my cool, "And you're telling me this because...?" "You asked!" he growled. "No... I asked if you were excited to see her again. Not, 'Oh is Perrie really your girlfriend?'" he just growled at me even more God was he turning me on! "Now let go of me and if you ever pin me like this again by surprise I WILL beat you down to the ground!" I forced him off me, grabbed my bags, and started unpacking. "That's hot! It's such a turn on!" I heard Zayn from behind me. I knew what he was talking about, but I decided to act dumb to see what he would do. "What is?" " You threatening me like that, it's hot!" that got my full attention I stood up "It wasn't a threat," I stepped closer "It was a guarantee!" I took another step forward, we were face to face now. "And-" But I never got to finish. He took my waist again and slammed me to the wall. Again. "And, I wasn't done with you!" he growled. GOD the sexual frustration this boy gives me! He leaned in closer. So close I could feel his hot breath on mine.


A/N: CLIFF HANGER!!! ok so this is the third chapter I'm still writing the 4th it should be up either Wednesday or Thursday any way thank you so much for reading and goodnight! Xx --Mia!

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