Sparkles, glitter, and other fairy shit

Ellie and Ronny have absolutley nothing in commen but they're best friends and they work for One Direction but at the same time they don't, oh and did I mention, they're M.I.A opratives? Confused? read and find out what I'm talking about. :)


3. Ch.2 Our first day.

Ronny's POV:


Sebastian drove back to our flat to pack, apparently we're going on tour these boys. YAY! (note the sarcasm).


-Sometime later-


When we got to our flat we packed all our clothes, which wasn't hard...

for me anyway, but Ellie on the other hand has a BIG walk in closet so she had about 7 different suitcases. I had 2 suitcases, a duffle bag, and my backpack.


-Some more time later-


Me and Ellie always dress to impress so like always Ellie wore a plain black pencil skirt a hot pink crop top her black flats and her pink over the shoulder bag, and I wore my favorite dark blue skinny jeans a tight plain black V-neck my Converse and my blue over the shoulder bag. When we got to the concert arena we showed our passes and headed backstage. When we got to the dressing rooms Ellie was just about to knock on the door when it flung open.




(By the way we studied the people profiles on our way here that's why we had Sebastian drive us otherwise we would've flown.)


"GIRLS!" Oh god her and Ellie are gonna get along great! "Girls, girls, come in, come in!" is she she gonna repeat herself like that all the time? God I hope not.

We got in and greeted the boys with hugs and cheek kisses, I didn't say anything I just smiled. the boys introduced them selves first,


"Hi I'm Niall."


"I'm Harry!"


"And I'm Zayn!"


"And I'm Liam!"




They all laughed even Ellie I just smiled and the boy corrected himself  "I'm Louis." he said with a smile.


Ellie introduced us, "Well hello boys it's nice to meet you, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Jennifer," they all laughed again and I just kept smiling like a complete idiot! "I'm Ellie, Lou's new assistant, and this is Ronny," she said pointing to me "she's your new personal, professional photographer!" they all smiled warmly. I'm shy when I first meet people so I didn't make a peep. "And if I'm not mistaken we will be traveling on tour in America with the boys. Right?" Ellie asked waiting for Lou to answer. Lou smiled and nodded. After that we got to work. While Ellie picked out the boys outfits, and did their hair and makeup, I took some pictures.


During the concert I took some more pictures. After the concert, we went back to there place to celebrate for the tour with some drinks.


Did we get drunk?

Hell yeah we did!


Did we sleep with anyone?





A/N: Hey guys ok so I just wanted to say thanks for reading my story and the next chapter is gonna be A LOT longer and it will be up later today! Xx --Mia!

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