Sparkles, glitter, and other fairy shit

Ellie and Ronny have absolutley nothing in commen but they're best friends and they work for One Direction but at the same time they don't, oh and did I mention, they're M.I.A opratives? Confused? read and find out what I'm talking about. :)


2. Ch.1 The mission.

Ellie's POV:


"Ronny: Get in with Harry. Find out if he has a secret girlfriend he's keeping from the public and/or management. Your cover is that you are now the boys personal photographer. 

Ellie: You need to get in with Zayn. Find out if Perrie really is his girlfriend or if it's all fake. You are now Lou's assistant/co stylist so you'll be doing the boys hair, makeup, clothes, etc.


Also both of you need to become BEST friends with Eleanor, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend.


You may go and prepare for your mission, the profiles for the people you will see and be in contact with for this mission will be with Sebastian.


You are dismissed." Our captain, Lea told us.


"Oh and another thing," We waited for Lea to finish.


"whatever you do DON'T blow your cover."


We gave her a smile and left to get ready.


What we got:


-Night vision goggles.

-There spy car Sebastian.

-Pole extender.

-Laser pen.

-Computerized contacts for Ronny.

-Jet pack heels.

-GPS OPS watch.

-Grenade launcher/AK47/Sniper all in one gun for each (in case of emergency's of course).

-Ear radios.

-Tampon bomb (yes tampon).

-Tracking devices.

-Hidden hair clip cam.

-4 hand guns 2 for each girl.

-A suitcase full of masks you would where for a masquerade (you'll find out why later).

-And last but not least, sleeping darts and dart guns.

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