Sparkles, glitter, and other fairy shit

Ellie and Ronny have absolutley nothing in commen but they're best friends and they work for One Direction but at the same time they don't, oh and did I mention, they're M.I.A opratives? Confused? read and find out what I'm talking about. :)


1. prologue



-She's a prissy girly girl.

-She's a fashionista!

-Her favourite colour is pink, and almost everything she owns is pink.-

She's not the smartest person alive, but she's not stupid.

-he hates anything that's not girly.

-She always wears skirts or dresses never jeans.

-Would never leave her flat without makeup on and with her.

-When drunk, she's a slut.

-She's 19 years old.

-She is a Scorpio.

-Has 3 tattoos  and 2 piercings plus 4 other different ear piercings.




-She's a Tom-Boy.

-She LOVES photography.

-Her favourite colour is blue, and almost everything she owns is blue.

-She is probably the smartest person you will ever meet.

-She hates anything girly.

-She only wears jeans and shorts NEVER skirts or dresses.

-Almost never wears makeup and would never leave her flat without her camera.

-When drunk tends to swear, A LOT!

-She's 18 years old.

-She's a Capricorn.

-Also has 3 tattoos, and 4 piercings plus 4 other different ear piercings.


What do these girls have in common?

They both have the same motto:

'Anything you can do, I can do drunker'


Oh and there's the fact that they're both top secret fairy spy partners undercover as humans.


there company's name?

Mission Identification Associates (M.I.A)


Ronny and Ellie have lived in London there whole lives.

Have they traveled outside of London?

DUH! They've been all over the world (for work of course).


 These girls have been with M.I.A since day 1. they've been best friends and partners since.


Their newest mission?

Get in One Direction's circle, infiltrate.


M.I.A's job?

Know everybody's secrets.


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