Finding Ms. Right

This story is about a girl who's life has hit rock bottom ; And when she thinks her life can't get any worse .. An old friend returns and changes her life forever.


5. Whuuuuuttttt.

Mom's P.O.V.

"Hayley what's wrong? Speak slower.!" I say to my daughter who really seems like she is being chased by Freddy Kruger of something. "I DON'T KNOW MOM JUST LET ME USE THE CAR." Hayley shouted at me over the phone. "I'm sorry the answer is no. We have to get home tonight , honey." I say. I felt really bad but leaving in the middle of a family reunion is not the time . "Ok, I'll walk then, or call a cab, you're choice." She replied then hung up. Fooey. Gosh, I sware this girl can be a perfect angel just of course not at the right times.

Hayley's P.O.V.

My mom just doesn't understand me. Oh fun a call from someone... unknown number, hell nooo. "Hi. . . . " I say. This better not be scream on the under end of this I sware to.. "Umm.. Hi. Who is this?" The scream person said. A girl scream. Exciting. "You called me..." I say. Does she not have a mind or anything?! "Oh sorry my boyfriend put some of his friend's numbers in my phone. Is this Hayley, correct?" ...Wtf.. "Uhh yeah.. So who's this by the way.. " Like omg you know my name.. like not cool bro. "Katie Davies" Huh.. I don't know any Katie's.. "May I ask who your boyfriend is.?" "Zayn." ...Sheeettt just got real. "Zayn, Zayn Malik from One Direction. You know him, right? " Katie said. "Ohh yeahh. Was that you with the blonde hair??" I say. I can't ask and dumber questions.. Like who else would she be. "Yeah. You're the one in red, right?" "Yep. I look like a 12 year old.. " Wow. I'm awkward. "Ok I should go now. Bye Hayley." "Bye.." Katie hung up and I felt really bad for planning an attack against her. Shoooott. Anyways I'm goin to save her number in my phone to "Lady Scream" or something like that.

Riley's P.O.V.

Hayley isn't answering her phone. I really need to talk to her. My dad is in the hospital. He fell and hit his head pretty hard and now he lost his memory. He think it's 2005, but he thinks Bill Clinton is president. . . But he doesn't know who I am. He keeps on asking for Hayley. I really need her right now.. Wait now that you think about it she's at her aunt's house for Christmas.. The hospital is likee 20 min. away from there.

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