Finding Ms. Right

This story is about a girl who's life has hit rock bottom ; And when she thinks her life can't get any worse .. An old friend returns and changes her life forever.


4. Later

Zayn's P.O.V.

Wow Hayley looked really good. Pulling off that kind of outfit takes skill. I think she was surprised to see Katie. I want to give them the proper introduction , I mean she's only my girlfriend. Hayley looks like she was watching us get married or something. After I was done going to the bathroom I walked downstairs and spotted Katie with her back towards me, eating some kind of sweets. I walked over quietly and hugged her from the behind. I put my head on her shoulder and whispered hi in her ears. She smiled and turned around. She poked me and walked upstairs, knowing my mom was giving me the evil eye for doing as much as hug her at a family friend's house. I should walk away before she says anything..


Hayley's P.O.V.

When I finally decided that I looked crazy just sitting there I went into Angelina & Alyssa's room and took put my phone. I had 3 missed calls and 7 unread text messages. 2 calls from Sophie and one from Riley. I had 2 text messages from Sophie telling me to answer the phone and that she had to tell me something important. I had 1 from Riley telling me I should call him as soon as I can becuase something happened. Great, maybe something having to do with where I live. The last 4 messages were from a number I didn't recognize. They all said "Watch out" .. Watch out for what? What's going on? I went on to find my mom. My original intentions in going into the room was to call Riley but I have to get home.. After what felt like forever for searching I finally found my mom downstairs talking to Zayn's mother. Crap. I attempted to stay out of her sight but no. "Oh hi Hayley I haven't seen you in awhile. Come, sit and talk.!" Said Zayn's mom. Greaaaat. "Hi Mrs. Malik I haven't talked to you in awhile either.." I said, putting on my happy voice. I wasnt in the mood to talk but there she goes blabbering on. I pretended to listen, then after about 10 minutes I said ''Ok I have to go. I'll try to keep in touch.." I said starting to walk away. I don't know if she said anything because I wan't paying any attention. I ran upstairs looking for mom yet again because she managed to slip away earliar. I have to find mom and go home.

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