Finding Ms. Right

This story is about a girl who's life has hit rock bottom ; And when she thinks her life can't get any worse .. An old friend returns and changes her life forever.


3. Christmas party

Hayley's P.O.V.

When we arrived at my Aunt Julia's house my Uncle Jim Bob answered the door. He gave me a hug and sad "Omg gurl I haven't seen you in forevaa. Like Omgg. " He said showing off his humor personality. "Yeah girl.. Like forever." I just reply trying to hide my laughter. When I walked inside I saw my cousins Alyssa and Angelina. They've both grown since the last time I saw them. They were both 10 and now they're 13. I hugged them but they didn't say anything. After walking through I said hi and gave hugs to atleast another 10 extended family members, just, no sign of Zayn. I started to think of why in any reason I wanted to see him.. Just as comfort I guess. So I slipped own into the basement and plopped down on the couch next to 2 of my cousins, Tristan and Amanda. They were playing a game on the wii. I wanted to play so we all played Mario Kart for about half an hour. But, still no sign of Zayn. When we were finished we played spoons but with lollipops. We got away with eating some but they were pretty nasty. After a couple of rounds Tristan put down his sucker that he has been eating instead of the one with the wrapper. It was gross. When people started to leave it was just left down to me, Lizzie, Tristan, Amanda and Aunt Julia. I really forgot about Zayn. All I really cared about at that moment was having fun. But, as soon as I forgot, Zayn was there behind me. Of course I didn't see him at first but when I did I jumped up and gave him a hug. The only awkward thing was that there was a girl right next to him just staring at me. She had thin blonde hair that went just passed her shoulder blades, unlike my thick light brown hair that goes a little bit passed my boobs. She had light green-blue eyes , I did to but mine were a lot darker. She was a twig, no word that I have to describe how skinny she was, I almost looked fat compared to her even though I'm average. She had long, elegant legs but I have long and clutzy legs. She had french-tip nails and a ring on her finger. An.. engangment ring. "Um .. Excuse me one moment. " I said right before I zipped out of sight. Once I was at the top of the stairs I slowly walked over to the kitchen. I had to find my brothers. When I turned around I saw Zack. I grabbed him and pulled him aside. "Heyyy! What to you want?" He said trying to run away. I pulled him back. "Get Kellan and Jackson. I have a prank you can pull on somebody." I said with a devious smile. "What's in it for me?" He said obviously aggravated. "I'll give you a chocolate bar." I said. "5 chocolate bars." He said, crossing his arms. "2" I say not wanting to end up buying 100. "3 or the deal's off ," Zack said, obviously entertained "And you have to take the blame if we get in trouble." Crap he's good. "DEAL!" I say, a little too loud, loud enough that 5 people look at me. I just walk away pretending someone imaginary said it.   When I wondered off I went to the living room. I sat down, and thought about how childish this outfit looked. That chick that was with Zayn had a light pink sweater with grey/light pink leggings and pink boots. Then me.. Looking like a 12 year old.

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