Finding Ms. Right

This story is about a girl who's life has hit rock bottom ; And when she thinks her life can't get any worse .. An old friend returns and changes her life forever.


2. Awkward car ride

Hayley's P.O.V.

After opening presents we left to go to my aunt's house who lives an hour away. I dressed in red, knowing it was Zayn's favorite color. "Hayley what would you dooOoo foor a klondike bar?" Asked Kellan; almost screaming. "Nothing. I can live without them.." I simply replied. After that I decided to answer my text messages from earliar.. I feel bad for not texting Riley back. I haven't talked to him in awhile because of break.. I live in an apartment with my friend Kylie about 2 hours from my parents' house and that's about half an hour from his house and I never answer my phone a lot anyways so technically by the end of today we'll be 3 1/2 hours away from eachother and barely any contact in about 5 days. Kay, Im gonna call now. "Hii.." I awkwardly say hoping that it was Riley answering it. "Heyy! I miss you so much! Are you okay?" Called out Riley from the other end. "Sorry I've just been..busy.. I guess. " I timidly reply; realizing I'm acting kind of strange in my own mind. "How are your brothers? They as 'good' as they should be?" Asked Riley in a jokingly matter. "Ahah I'm just kidding. I know how 6 year old boys can be sometimes.." He said rather fast.. Maybe he thought I was losing it or something. "O.K. I have to go. I'll call you later.." I said.. I just kind of felt awkward.. I realized Im not in the mood to talk. "Ight , hun, see you soon. Love you." "I love you to, bye." And then I hung up. He probably thinks I'm up to something. As we got closer I saw old stores I used to go to all the time. It's kind of sad when I've had so many memories there. "Hey Mom, do you remember these stores...?" I asked, hoping she would. "Yes honey I remember these stores very well. That one dress shop there on the corner when you were eight you took a pink gown and started dancing around. You said "I shall be future Mrs. Zayn Mal-" ""KAY MOM WERE DONE WITH THAT. HOW ABOUT THAT NICE FLOWER ON THE CURB ALL THE WAY OVER THERE!" I shouted pointing to a dead bird on the opposite side of the street. "Malik and kissed your hand." I think my mom tries to embarass me. "Hayley, that is a dead bird." . . . . . . "A VERY NICE ONE.." I say trailing off; knowing I've lost the arguement. "Mom no one knows about this. Kay? Kay. "

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