Finding Ms. Right

This story is about a girl who's life has hit rock bottom ; And when she thinks her life can't get any worse .. An old friend returns and changes her life forever.


1. Christmas Morning

Hayley's P.O.V.

''Merry Christmas Hayley!!" Screamed Jackson running into my room and jumping on my bed. "C'mon it's Christmas.. 6 a.m. and you're still sleeping?! C'mon c'mon c'mon lets go! " I don't exactly enjoy the idea of living with my parents over winter break. 2 whole weeks of dealing with Jackson, Kellan and Zack. Them being triplets of age 6 is just 'yippee' . ''Just one more miiinuuutee'' I replied, half asleep. ''Okay Jackson let's go wake up Mom and Dad now before that old 19 year old gets too fat faced!'' Shouted Kellan from the hall. " You guys are going to get it!!" I yelled at the very top of my lungs, They ran away screaming and hiding in my parents' bedroom. I almost felt sorry or them because I was just kidding. I slowly slipped out of bed.. knowing that this isn't going to end well. I went straight downstairs before my brothers planned an attack with nerf guns. I made some hot chocolate and texted my bestfriend, Sophie. I haven't seen Sophie in what feels like forever.. I wouldn't give my hopes up to get a text back anytime soon. I went over and turned the t.v. on.. Hoping for SOME relax time without those little brats throwing balls at me or declaring war on me. I grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels.. ''Seen that.. looks dumb.. Too annoying.. Oh this looks good.. Oh nevermind.. Yay.. More re-runs of 'A Christmas Story' '' I said almost sarcasticly. Seriously.. The t.v. is the worst thing to do around Christmas-time. All of those Christmas movies your parents watched as kids or the ones you've probaly seen at least over 5,000 times. I kind of think though.. The very BEST thing about the Christmas-time is those family parties.. With Zayn. It's hard to believe I knew him before the X-factor. Zayn had family in Minnesota and they were very close with my family. I love seeing Zayn on Christmas. We usually hangout because we were (originally) the youngest ones there. Ya know.. before those three midgets showed up. Zayn was the only one of his siblings that wanted to ever go. We met when we were 7. We were introduced by our aunts and we played games like monkey in the middle with my cousin , Lizzie. Lizzie was 3 years older than us. When I was about 12 she stopped playing those kid games with us. ''M-Messa-Message'' buzzed my phone. 3 text messages.. One was from Kylie, one from Sophie and the other from Riley. I read Sophie's first.. And it said.. "Hey Hayley I'm coming home soon! I miss you and I gotta go! Sorry. I'll call you later. xoxo , Sophie" . The one from Riley (my boyfriend) said '' Merry Christmas Darlin' , May your wishes come true. Call me when you can." And finally I opened Kylie's. "Merry Christmas Hayley! I miss you! I hope you're coming home soon because it's getting really boring! And I don't want to clean :-(" HAHAHAHA. Laazy girl.

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