The Way You Kiss Me

Hi I'm Samantha But My Friends Call Me Sam And I'm 17 Years Old I Have The Worst Life My Mum Died When I Was 10 And Don't Even Get Me Stared On My Step Dad Any Way Before We Get To Deep In My Family Drama Let Me Tell You About The Time I ran Away Away From The Noise Away From My Step Dad Away From The People At School That Would Always Call Me Names And Make Me Feel Like I Was Less Of A Person Like I Was a Freak I Just Ran To Try To Find Some Kind Of Peace I Didn't Expect To Find What I Found I Found Love Yes I Found A Wonderful Boy Named Niall Horan <33


2. That Night

"Niall's POV "

I Cant Believe She Kissed Me Well I Kissed Her First But She Kissed Me Back The Thoughts That Run Though My Mind Has Were In The Car Returning To Liam's House I Sat By Her In The Car This Time Never Letting Her Hand Go She Is Still Smiling At Me i Think I Am In Love With Her But I Don't Know I Mean I Only Knew Her For Two Days Is That Enough Time To Fall In Love I Mean If You Believe In Love At First Sight It Is I Snap Out Of It Has Zayn Pulls Up To Liam's House Liam and Samantha Get Off The Car Has Me Zayn Louis And Harry Go To Our Own Flats I Am Staying With Harry While I Am In England So Zayn Drops Us Off And By Then Its About 12;30 " So Sick Of Love Songs Ringer " Hmm I Wonder Who That Could Be Hmm Its A Number I Don't Recognize I Pick It Up Hello I Hear Her Say Oh Hey How Are You Umm Good How Are You Fine Great Actually Umm How Did You Get My Number  I Took It From Liams Phone I Didnt Think He Would Mine That Much If I Called You Where You Sleeping She Said Oh No I Actually Just Got Home If You Dont Mind Me Asking About Today I Am Having A Hrad Time Understanding What Actaully Happened I Said To Her Whats So Hrad To Understand You Kiss Me I Kissed You Back She Muttered So Are We Like I Try To Finish Has She Says Boyfriend Girlfriend Umm Not Right Now I Mean I Think We Could Be Later On But I Mean I Only Knew You For Barley Two Days She Finishes And I Agreed And We Talked Til We Saw The Sun Come Up She Said I Bettter Try To Get Some Kind Of Sleep Before Liam Wakes Up So Goodnight And I Say Goodnight Love She Giggle And Hangs Up I Fall Asleep After About 5 Or 10 Mitunes ..

"Samantha's POV"

I Hang Up The Phone And Fall Alseep Around 1:00 In The Afternoon I Wake Up I Trun To The Bedside Table Next To Me And See a Note

Its From Liam Hey Sam You Looked Tired So I Didnt Want To Wake You But I Went To School I'll Be Back Around 4 Have Some Things To Do Breakfast Is In The Micorwave Xo Liam

I Giggle At The Note Liam Was Like The Big Brother I Never Had And Like The Mother I Missed All In One I Get Out Of Bed And Go In To The Shower Get Raedy And Go Down Stairs To The Kitchen I Open The Micorwave And Liam Has Fixed My Favorite Breakfast Waffles And Berrys Yum I Eat My Breakfast And Clean Up Afterward I Get Bored And Decied To Clean The Entier Flat After I Finish Doing So I Get Bored Agian So I Decied To Call Niall " Ring Ring Ring Ring" No Answer Mabye He Is Sleeeping Poor Boy I Kept Him Up So Late Last Night Ring My Phone Rings Its a Text From My Step Father i Gasp It The Thought Of Him Finding Me But He Had No Idea Liam And I Where Friends

The Text My Step Father Sent

Where Are You ??????

I Dont Reply But I Try To Call Liam He Dosent Answer " Ring " My Phone Rings Its Niall Oh Thank God I Pick It Up Hell- I Cut Him Off Niall Oh Thank God Please Come To Liams House Is Everything Okay I Dont Know Please I Need Someone Liam Isnt Home Please Sure I'll Be Right Over


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