The Way You Kiss Me

Hi I'm Samantha But My Friends Call Me Sam And I'm 17 Years Old I Have The Worst Life My Mum Died When I Was 10 And Don't Even Get Me Stared On My Step Dad Any Way Before We Get To Deep In My Family Drama Let Me Tell You About The Time I ran Away Away From The Noise Away From My Step Dad Away From The People At School That Would Always Call Me Names And Make Me Feel Like I Was Less Of A Person Like I Was a Freak I Just Ran To Try To Find Some Kind Of Peace I Didn't Expect To Find What I Found I Found Love Yes I Found A Wonderful Boy Named Niall Horan <33


3. I Found Happiness

" Samantha's POV"

Oh My God I'm So Glad Niall Is Coming Wait What If He Asks Me About Why My Step Dads Text Made Me So Nervous And Scared Your Just Gonna Have To Tell Him The Truth But What If He Doesn't Like Me Anymore After I Tell Him What If He Thinks I am A Bad Person Or Worst Nothing A Big Nothing I Argue With Myself Til He Gets Here He Finally Arrived To Liam's Flat Rushing Though The Door Asking Yelling My Name Samantha !!!! Samantha !!! Where Are You Hello !!! I Hear Him Calling And Rush Down The Stairs To Find Him In The Living Room Looking For Me He Turns Has I Run To Him I Hug Him Tightly Whats Wrong Sam Are You Okay Did Some Thing Happen To You I Start To Cry And I Said My Step Father Texted Me Today I'm Shaking Has I Say So He Looks Confused Whats Wrong With Him Texting You I Sat Him Down And Start To Tell Him The Whole Story He Hugs Me Tightly Has I Start To Shake And Hypervalent He Kisses My Forehead And Says Come On Will Go Get You A New Phone And Toss The Old One So There's No Way He Can Reach You Do You Think That Will Work I Aks He Says Trust Me I Nod And Start To Walk Out The Door Oh Wait I Should Leave Liam A Note So He Dosent Worry I Write The Note And Put It On The Counter In The Kitchen ..

"Niall's POV"

How On Earth Could Some Do That To There Child Even If It Isnt Your Real Child How She Is Just A Helpless Sweet Little Thing That Pig I Say To My Self She Gets In The Car With Tears Still Shaking I Hold Her Hand And Look At Her And Say It Will Be Okay I Promise Dont Worry She Looks At Me And Her Shaking Starts To Slow Down She Says To Me Thank You For Being There When I Needed You And Kisses My Cheek No Problum I Say To Her We Arrive At The Mall I Buy Her A New Phone And Disconnect The Old One She Hugs Me Tightly Saying Thank You Again I Tell Her Please Stop Thaking Me Its No Big Deal I Promise I Couldnt Stand To See You Cry She Looks At Me With The Most Caring Eyes And Kisses Me On The Lips And Says Come On

"Liam's POV"

Sam I'm Home I Got Your Messages Are You Okay Sam I Say Again Wondering Where She Was I Go In To The Kitchen Lokking For Her I See A Note On The Counter The Note Says " Liam My Step Dad Texted Me Tried To Call You I Guess You Where Busy Any Way Niall Picked Me Up And Took Me Buy A New Phone I Think Since The Mall Is Closer To Harry's House And Its Kinda Late I Might Just Stay The Night There XOX Samantha " Hmm I Think To Myself I Should Call Niall And Check On Her Ring Ring Ring Hello I Hear Niall Say Though The Phone Hello Is Sam There Is Everything Okay Here Sam He Wa

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