The Way You Kiss Me

Hi I'm Samantha But My Friends Call Me Sam And I'm 17 Years Old I Have The Worst Life My Mum Died When I Was 10 And Don't Even Get Me Stared On My Step Dad Any Way Before We Get To Deep In My Family Drama Let Me Tell You About The Time I ran Away Away From The Noise Away From My Step Dad Away From The People At School That Would Always Call Me Names And Make Me Feel Like I Was Less Of A Person Like I Was a Freak I Just Ran To Try To Find Some Kind Of Peace I Didn't Expect To Find What I Found I Found Love Yes I Found A Wonderful Boy Named Niall Horan <33


1. The Next Morning

"Samantha's POV "

I Wake Up The Next Morning By The Sound Of  Liam's Voice Saying Come On Get Up Sam Get Showered And Come Down Please I Nod In Agreement I Get Out Of Bed Walking Toward The Bathroom Has I Get Ready To Shower I Get Out Of The Shower Start To Blow Dry My Hair Fix My Makeup And Go Down Stairs Has I Get Down The Stairs I Notice The Other Boys Are There To I Guess They Must have Stood The Night I Finally Get Down The Stairs And Go In To The Kitchen To Help Mrs Payne With Breakfast I Notice The Blond Boy Was Looking At Me And He Said My Don't You Look Beautiful Today Making Me Some What Uncomfortable I Set The Table And The Blond Boy Sets Next To Me This Time While Everyone Is Eating I Ask Liam What Are We Gonna Do Today He Replied With Um Do You Wanna Go To The Mall And A Movie I Nod And Say Sure Sounds Like Fun Will You Boys Be Joining Us The Blond Boy Quickly Answers I Don't See Why Not He Says I Giggle At His Excitement So After We All Finish Eating I Clean Up Around The Kitchen For Mrs Payne Again I Go In To The Living Area And Ask The Boys If There Ready To Go They Nod Get Up And Walk Out Of The House Into The Car The Ride To The Mall Was Anything But Quite It Was Actually Really Fun , The Blond Boy Looks At Me And I Wink At Him Making Him Smile Abit And He And Then Zayn Asks If He Would Turn Up The Music .

"Niall's POV"

She Winked At Me Dose That Mean She Might Like Me To Thoughts Rush Though My Mind  We Arrive To The Mall I Open The Door For Her She Smiles Has We Walk Up To The Mall I Ask Anybody Want A Pretzel They Zayn Says I'll Take One As Dose Liam Louis Harry And Samantha She Offers To Come Help Me I Accept Her And We Walk To Anne's Pretzel"s i Look At Her And She Looks Away From Me I Stop And Say Why Did You Offer To Help Me She Looks At Me And Says Because You Helped Me Set The Table Remember I Smirk And Say Is That So She Laughs And Says Yup Popping The P We Continue Walking We Get To The Pretzel Place And She Says My Turn To Ask You A Question I Nod And She Asks Her Question She Says Why Do You Care So Much I Look Confused She Says Don't Look At Me Like That You Know What I Mean I Giggle And Say Just Being Nice She Laughs And I Say To Her You Have A Beautiful Laugh She Smiles That's Beautiful To She Looks At Me And I Say Your Smile Is Beautiful To She Blushes I Ask Her So Why Are You Staying With Liam and His Family She Looks Down And Says She Is From Out Of Town And She Has Known Liam Since She Was A Kindergartener I Ask Her Is That The Truth She Breaks Down And Says Maybe Sometime I'll Tell You The Truth But For Right Now I Cant Talk About It Please She Says To Me I Nod and say So What Part Of Out Of Town You From Witch Seemed To Make Her Giggle After We Get The Pretzels We Return To The Boys And Liam Says We Should Go In To The Movie The Boys Nod 

"Samantha's POV"

You Boys Go Ahead I Don't Really Feel Up To A Movie I Say To The Boys Liam Says Then We Will Go Home If You Would Like I Say No No I Want To Go In To A Few Stores Any Way So Go See Your Movie I'll Be Fine I Promise I'll Stay With Her Liam The Blond Boy Shouts I Already Seen This Movie Anyway Liam Asks Me Is That Okay With You Sam I Nodded And Liam Harry Louis And Zayn Went To There Movie While Me And Niall Went to Starbucks And He Got us Coffee And We Started To Talk He Says Your Eyes Are Absolutely Beautiful i Giggle And Say To Him Yours Are To He Looks At Me And Says I Don't Know What It Is But There's Something About You Something That Makes Me Feel Like Butterflies I Giggle And Look In To His Eyes They Seem Like They Cant Tell A Lie Like There A Safe Place Like He Is Telling The Truth He Leans In To Kiss Me And Are Lips Connect I Feel Loved For Those Couple Of Seconds He Then Pulls Away And I Look At Him And He Says I am So Sorry I Didn't Mean To Do Tha- Cut Him Off With A Kiss And I Saw Maybe Not But I Meant That And Wink At Him And Get Up And Walk Away He Follows He Holds My Hand And We Walk To Forever 21 And Then Aeropostale And Then We Go Back To The Movie Theater And See The Boys Waiting There For Us To Go Home

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