The Ultimates

Abby has never had a normal life all because of her dad but that all changes when he goes to prison, or so she thinks.
Unexpectedly she has to move to Miami with her mum and she's not happy.
But what she discovers in Miami is way worse than she thought. She has ups and downs but what actually happens along the way?


9. The Kiss

"Thank you for saving me" I said as he placed me down "Abby I will always save you" and then he hugged me and left 'Abby I will always save you' his words kept repeating in my head. Then I fell asleep I think I was asleep for a week but Laylen came and woke me up "Well hello sleeping beauty haha" and hugged me and I just laughed "You know Sam likes you?" he said and I looked so confused he could probably tell "Like likes you Abby" I looked so shocked "He like likes me?" just checking that I heard him correctly "Yeah he does, I better go get better soon Abby" then he walked out and 5 minutes later Sam walked in, suddenly things were very awkward so I went to my bathroom to get dressed denim shorts, high heels and a pink dip died tank top. Then I walked out and he was waiting for me "Your feeling better now then?" he asked whilst hugging me "Yeah I am" I replied hugging him back when I pulled away something twinkled in his eyes "What happened to Liam?" I asked "The high council killed him this was the 100th time he had broken the rules so he had to pay the price" I looked horrified at what he said "Abby what he did to you he did to many others he knew what would happen but he didn't care please don't hate me" he looked so guilty now but I knew he was telling the truth "I could never hate you Sam he does deserve it" I was agreeing with him and that made him happy I could tell by looking into his eyes then he hugged me again then he kissed me so I kissed him back "So Laylen was right you do like me" I said whilst laughing "Of course I do, iv liked you since I first met you, your so pretty and kind" he replied then kissed me again so I kissed him back again.
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