The Ultimates

Abby has never had a normal life all because of her dad but that all changes when he goes to prison, or so she thinks.
Unexpectedly she has to move to Miami with her mum and she's not happy.
But what she discovers in Miami is way worse than she thought. She has ups and downs but what actually happens along the way?


8. Runaway

So that night I ran to the airport and flew to the Florida airport and ran to my house and sank into my bed. If they needed me they could come find me, for now im just going to stay here forever. And the good part of my plan was that they couldn't track my mobile since I left it in Miami. I feel so stupid doing this but I have to go back there, back to where I used to live where dad lived...
So I cleaned my self up and started walking to a very dark place in Florida and an even darker place for me, the door was never locked and no one had ever bought it so it was still partly my house I walked in to find a very cold atmosphere something was wrong here and I knew it.
I turned for the door but it had locked some one was here and had powers who it was I didn't know but I knew someone was here. I turned to run for the back door but I bumped into someone, Liam.
I screamed but just as he had done last time he put a hand on my mouth and knocked me out. When I woke up I was in my old bedroom this room alone had to many bad memories but it wasn't that I was worried about, it was Liam standing in front of me my hands tied in chains to the wall and something tied around my mouth so I couldn't speak or scream "You know Sam and Laylen really should have taken better care of you, letting you come back here all on your own all in protected" he said with a smile on his face then he laughed whilst leaving my room and locking the door. God I had really messed up this time I had been tied up her for days. Then it struck me Laylen had said I had vampire blood through me and they were ultimates which meant they did too maybe I could try telepathy? It probably wouldn't work but I gave it a shot I had watched vampire movies before and to use telepathy they had to picture the person in their head and repeat the message again and again. So I pictured Laylen and Sam in my head and said 'Help me I'm sorry for running off but Liam is here and has me tied up I'm scared' over and over in my head hoping they got the message well they better have seeing as I have no other life line then a message came through my head 'Well done for using telepathy but where are you and what is Liam doing?!' it came from Sam and Laylen but I could only say 'My dads old house in Florida'. I was so hungry and using that telepathy was making my head hurt I was going to pass out I knew it but I couldn't if Liam had put that curse on me again I would die. But I couldn't hold on hopefully they would get her before it was too late since I passed out. All I could see was black everywhere nothing else in sight just black, was this what death looked like? I hoped I wasn't dead then like the last time I felt lots and lots of pain going through me it hurt so much but it was then I realised they had gotten the message but I couldn't bring my eyes to open I could see white ed and green now that will be the spell but I need to wake up somehow but I couldn't.
I heard the humming again and I woke up I still felt so weak Sam and Laylen were asleep should I wake them? Yeah probably so with all strength I had I went over to Sam and lightly shook his shoulder to try and wake him up it took almost all of my strength but he didn't wake up so I tried Laylen and he did wake up he stood up in an instant ready to fight but then he realised it was just me and loosened up then lightly kicked Sam probably to wake him up "Your alive Abby! We thought we had gotten here too late, why did you run away?" he asked whilst hugging me and kicking Sam again "Yo! Sam wake up!" he shouted then Sam stood up to find Laylen holding me to stop me from falling over since I was still so weak "Abby?" I nodded then he said "Why did you run away you were gone for a week and we couldn't find you and how did you use telepathy?" I took a few deep breaths "All I had ever wanted was a normal life after everything and I thought that was finally happening then after what you guys told me it was too much so I came home and then I don't know why but I came here then Liam knocked me out and tied me to the wall I thought about what you had said about me having vampire blood and then I remembered vampires can use telepathy to contact each other so I gave it a shot and I guess it worked." I said then took another few deep breaths then Sam took a hold of my arm and Laylen's then a bright light appeared and we were back in his room I almost collapsed but Sam picked me up and took me to my room and put me in my bed
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