The Ultimates

Abby has never had a normal life all because of her dad but that all changes when he goes to prison, or so she thinks.
Unexpectedly she has to move to Miami with her mum and she's not happy.
But what she discovers in Miami is way worse than she thought. She has ups and downs but what actually happens along the way?


3. First Impressions

About 3 hours later the car came into Miami I have to admit its a lovely place but then we drove into a drive way that already had a car in it, what the hell was going on? Had she drove into the wrong place? But then a man about my mums age came out and a boy about my age came out behind him I was so confused about all of this and where was the delivery truck? Shouldn't it be here by now? My mum got out of the car and hugged the man and the boy then motioned for me to come out of the car so I got out of the car fixing my skirt as I did, I almost fell in my heels on a little stone but quickly saved my self "Christopher, Sam this is my daughter Abby I told you about" I'm guessing the guy her age was christopher and his son maybe? "It's nice to finally meet you Abby my name is Christopher and this is my son Sam, your soon to be brother" he said whilst he shook my hand, wait soon to be brother? What the hell was going on?! "Sorry? Brother, I don't understand" I said in a confused manner whilst sating at my mum who looked incredibly guilty of something "Annie, didn't you tell her that we're engaged?" he said whilst he looked at my mum, wait engaged she has a fiancé and she didn't bother to tell me she even had a boy friend, all those visits were to see this man, to go on dates, to visit his son god if looks could kill my mum would be dead by now. "Engaged?! You have a fiancé and you didn't tell me? How could you do that to me!" I almost shouted I was away to say after all that we had been through but she gave me a dont you dare say that look, did they even know what we had been through? I mean surely they were wondering why I had scars all over me? My mums had disappeared but mines were far from gone. "Abby I'm so sorry I didn't tell you I didn't know how to" she said with sadness in her eyes, I will most definitely talk to her lately but I decided to just shut up since the neighbours were staring at us "Come on lets go inside, Sam help me take all these boxes in and show Abby to her room" Christopher said as he helped Sam in with our stuff I followed Sam up the stairs to my room there was already a white bed with pink diamonds running through it and a mirrored wardrobe, a dressing table, an en-suite, a white fluffy sofa and glass table "I'll let you unpack your things shall I?" Sam said nicely I nodded and he walked out, it didn't take me long to make my room look like my old one and hang up all my clothes.
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