The Ultimates

Abby has never had a normal life all because of her dad but that all changes when he goes to prison, or so she thinks.
Unexpectedly she has to move to Miami with her mum and she's not happy.
But what she discovers in Miami is way worse than she thought. She has ups and downs but what actually happens along the way?


7. Explanation

"Care to explain what the hell all this is and what the hell happened last night with out lying?" I snapped back at him not regretting it I needed to know what had happened then Laylen being the nice person said "Abby if Sam haven't told you about all this then I will, youv heard of vampires, were wolves, forseers, witches and warlocks right?" he asked "Of course I have, but its all just myths" I answered "Right well, they do exist and Sam and I are part of an even rarer group called the Ultimates, basically we get skills from all groups and wound together they make an ultimate." I just stared at him whilst Sam looked so guilty probably for not telling me about this seeing as I had told him my biggest secret ever that hardly anyone knows about. I felt like my head might explode then well being the person i am I fainted and Laylen cought me before I hit the floor but I still blacked out never the less I could still hear a tiny bit all I could here was "Sam hurry up and find that spell, I knew this would happen I saw it but no yo have to be all friendly and bring her into our world you idiot!" "Jesus calm down, and anyway half the time your visions are wrong p,us you said Liam wouldn't be there so it was safe, I mean your barrier should have kept him out but no it didn't and because Abby has foreseer, witch and vampire through her It made her irasistable to Liam and we don't know what other blood she has yet for all we know she could be an ultimate." then all I heard was a loud humming then Sam saying "God this better get rid of Liam's curse he put on her other wise she'll die and i will be our fault". As soon as he said that I started freaking out thinking I could die then I opened me eyes and a bright white light came out of my chest and it hurt so badly started screaming so loudly but then Sam put his hands toward me and green light flew out of them and the pain increased "Laylen put her down and help me I'm not strong enough!!" Sam shouted then Laylen stood up and did the same as Sam but red light flew out of his and I swear I would die from screaming so much and all u saw was an explosion of light that filled the room and then all I could see was black then felt some tiny specs on my skin then I woke up "God please wake up Abby this has to work" was the first thing I heard then I could open my eyes and then I saw Laylen and Sam kneeling beside me.
I tried to talk but all that came out was a whisper "Your awake!" Laylen and Sam said as they helped me up onto the sofa "What the hell where all those lights, what were you on about some spell, what did you mean she has foreseer, witch and vampire blood through her she could be an ultimate and what were you on about some curse???!!!" I said whilst lying down "You got all that? Well Liam put a curse on you that meant when ever you next fainted you would die, your mum was an ultimate but only discovered it recently and all we know is that you have vampire, witch and foreseer blood, we were performing Egothas Parimada basically a life saving spell,the light from us was our warlock power shining so we could use intense amounts of it." Laylen and Sam explained. "I need to lie down" I aid then ran out of Sam's room and into my own and fell asleep crying , god I thought my life was turning normal it's most definatley not normal now, it never will be.
Laylen text me saying 'Sorry we never told you, we knew that until we found the spell we wouldn't be able to tell you because we knew you would faint and then we wouldn't be able to save you, sorry again L x'. I decided I was going to run away back to Florida.
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