The Ultimates

Abby has never had a normal life all because of her dad but that all changes when he goes to prison, or so she thinks.
Unexpectedly she has to move to Miami with her mum and she's not happy.
But what she discovers in Miami is way worse than she thought. She has ups and downs but what actually happens along the way?


1. The Backstory

My mum and I have never had an easy life, far from easy, from before I was born my mother was constantly raped and abused by my father and when she tried to tell someone he would hurt her, the only time she got peace was when she was pregnant with me, from when I was a baby my father abused me and tried to kill me, his sick pleasure.
Until I was 12 we both suffered in silence whilst my sick minded father abused us both, it was only until I had to go for an inspection with the school nurse that they discovered all the scars, burns and wounds, they tried to get me to tell them but I wouldn't not until my mum was here with me so he couldn't hurt her then I told the police everything and he was sentenced to life in prison and the sickest part was he didn't even try to deny any of it.
It's been 2 years now and our lives are finally piecing together perfectly, just me and my mum, I had loads of friends now that I wasn't scared to talk. My life was great my mum had a great job and she loved me lots but she had no love life. She started going out a lot more than usual she said she was just going out with her friends until now.
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