Everything About You

Girl moves from the states to go live with her bestfriend, only to discover that she's falling hard for this mysterious lovable guy, only to soon find out it's the rich and famous Zayn Malik.


4. The Phone Call


                                   February 1, 2012

 It’s been a few days as you can see and it’s been a blast. Me and Zayn have been really inseparable lately and Niall and Lize have been sneaking off whenever they feel like it and i don’t even want to think about what they do. Even though they have been hanging out..a lot, they say their not dating but the way he looks at her makes me think different. Me and Zayn are still in the friend zone but we are progressing more and more into that “hey i want to be with you” phase. Me and Harry talk a lot and I mean a lot he’s such a nice person and we have made a great bond with each other. Right now I’m sitting in the living room texting Harry and Zayn.

Happy Birthday, Harry!!! Tell Ellie I said hi!!

Me and Ellie don’t really talk that much, but she’s been busy with the boys and I’ve been busy with work so… 

Thanks and she said hiii!i smile checking the text that Zayn had sent me.

Haha, that’s not possible

I smile shaking my head. Earlier I had sent him a text that said for him to take some time off from the busy life and have some fun once in a while. Lately Zayn has been looking really tired and sad, it hurts me not being able to help him, and I know some of it is from the screaming fans that show up at his door in the morning and the constant having to worry about whats in the magazines. That’s a reason why he doesn’t really want to rush into anything with me because he doesn’t want anyone spreading rumor about me. But i can take it, if he continues to look and act that sweet im in for anything. I hear Toni and Niall coming in through the front door laughing. I get up and go to see them. There standing there kissing. I clear my throat.

“Really? Niall really?” He steps away from her rubbing the lip gloss from his lips.

“Hey, she kissed me.” I shake my head biting my lip.

“You guys are so…PDA.” He grabs a bag from her hand and gies her a hug before going to leave.”Bye Niall.”

“Bye Lize.” He closes the door behind him. I stare at her for a while.


“You and Niall kissing? You two are DATING!”

“No where not.”

“Um yeah…you kinda are.” She steps past me going upstairs.

“Drop it Lize.”

“How about you spill it?”

“Drop it.” I speed up to her side so she can’t avoid my gaze. “Drop it.” She goes into her room flopping down on her bed.

“Where’d you go?”

“The gardens.”

“The who?”

“It’s like a strip mall.”

“Well isn’t that the dogs bullocks.” I say in a British accent.

“What?” She says shaking her head.

“British slang. Zayn taught me.”

“Anything else you got up your sleeve?”

“Umm. Let me think.” I stare off into space.” Getting a wiggle on.” She burst into laughter.


“Zayn told you that?”

“Yes. And..?”

“What does that mean?”

“Hurry up.”

“O.M.G. You guys are great.” She says wiping a tear from her eye.

“It wasn’t that funny.”

“Haa..yeah your right.” she pulled out a dress out of her bag.”Are you going to the boy’s party tonight?”


“The debut of their new song.”

“When is it?”

“Around 7.” I shrug.

“Why not?” She goes to get up but i pull her back down.”But first. Whats up with you two? You Niall?”


“You were practically making out down there.”

“Lize. I’m telling you the truth. We’re not together, but we want to be.”

“Why can’t you?”

” He’s to afraid of having to be separated from each other and not being able to see each other for a while. I am too.”

“Of course you guys are going to be separated., every couple is going to have to be once in their lives.”

“They leave for a year at times, for their tours.”

“Don’t think about it, just be happy now. With him.” She looks over at me.

“Have you ever thought about writing a love column in a newspaper?”

“I only give advice when i’m in the moment, not to strangers.” She gets up going over to her closet.

“What about you and Zayn?  You dating yet?”

“No we’re just really friends for now.”

“Do you want to date him?”

“Yes. He gives me hints ALL THE TIME ABOUT IT.” She turns to me.

“Then why don’t you date him.”

“He doesn’t want me in the magazines.”

“Is that…badd..?” She says turning her head.

“No. I don’t think so.”

“You guys are so cute together, if you don’t date I just might kill myself.”

“Stoppp, you weirdo!”  ‘Gotta Be You’ blares on my phone(ringtone). I get up to grab it off the floor where it fell when I hopped down on the bed.

“Wichaa.” Toni says flicking her hand like she has a whip. “You have their ringtone on your phone, you are whippeddd…”

“Shut up. I just love the song.” I answer it. My brother Taleyn answers the phone.

“Lynn, my brother from the other side of the pond.” There’s silence. he hates it when i call him that, I just love to piss him off though so it’ll never stop.

“We are mature people, do you really have to call me that still?”

“I love it.”

“Anyway, your gonna have to come back home for a while.”


“Mom stopped breathing a few days ago an-“

“Wait you didn’t call me!? Who doesn’t call someone for a thing like that!?” Toni looked at me.

“Look I’m sorry i wasn’t thinking.-“

“What do you mean you weren’t thinking. Use your brain Lynn!”

“Listenn!!” He yells.” A few days ago she stopped breathing, she expedience heart failure and your gonna have to come because we’re gonna have to pull the plug on her.”

“What???!! Why? Don’t say it like that!!” I started to break down in tears. “You can’t do that! What about dad and the girls?”

“She’s been in a coma for nearly a week and they said all of her organs are dead, they can’t save her.”

“Well can’t they just…just help her?”

“There’s nothing they can do. We’re doing it on Tuesday so you got two days to get here.”

“I’ll be there.”

“What?” Toni says walking over to me.

“My mom’s dying.”

“What? I’m so sorry.” She pulled me into a hug rubbing my back. “Are you leaving today?”

“Tomorrow. I have to tell Zayn goodbye.”

“Are you leaving permanently?”

“No I’ve already started a life up here. I’m gonna go to the funeral and deal with some stuff and I’ll be right back.”

“I’m coming.”

“What about school?’

“Your mom was like a mother to me. I’m gonna be there in her last moments, school means nothing to me when it comes to family.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” I get up wiping my eyes. 

“So we’ll say goodbye tonight and leave in the morning.” I go downstairs and go into the kitchen looking around unsure of what to do next. My mother was dieing and i didn’t know what to do. i pulled at my hair slightly trying not to scream. I grabbed my coat and ran outside, I just needed to cool off and focus on not erupting. I walked and walked not caring about where I went. My vision blacked out and when it finally came back i was standing in front of a huge old building . It was abandoned but even then it looked so beautiful. I sat down on the step and cried until I couldn’t cry and more and all of my energy left my body, cried until the night sky rose from behind the canopy of trees. I looked down at my phone, overcrowded with text messages and missed calls. a few from the boys and a few from Toni.


Niall: Toni said you ran away. Where are you Lize, Go back home to Toni.

Louis: Call home. call me just do something so we can know your okay.

Liam: Where are you?

Zayn: Lize, Where are you. Don’t do anything. Lize where are you? Come home, let’s talk whatever you need to say, tell me. Just go home. Let me know your okay.

I went to my voice mail and listened to Toni’s really detailed message. i sat there until it started to rain and walked more up the steps until I was under the owning. A blue jeep pulled up and out jumped Zayn. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing correctly, Nial and Toni jumped out running behind him.

“Zayn? Toni? How-?” Zayn ran up the steps grabbing my by my face.

“Are you okay?”

“Zayn I’m fine.”

“Never do that again! Understand?”

“Yeah.” He gave me a huge hug kissing my forehead.

“If you need to talk, need to do anything. Have the urge to…run away again. You call me and you sit down and talk.”

“My mom is dying and i have to go for a while and I’m sad and i have all these emotions running through me I can’t function and i just need to…Dammit I don’t know what I need.I have so many things and i take them for granted, i took my mom for granted now shes gone.”

“I’m not gonna tell you it’s okay or everything’s gonna be alright because it’s not. i dont know what it’s like to lose a muther but I’ll be here for every step of your grieving and coping.”

“Zayn, i’m not trying to pull you into my whirlpool of drama, drama,drama. i don’t want you to see me like this and if you want to i won’t stop you but if you don’t want to see me through all this grief i won’t stop you either it’s your choice and i just-” he pulled me into a kiss entwining his fingers in my hair.

“Does that answer your question?” He says pulling away. i look up at him nodding.


Ugh okay got done with this chapter finally. i know once again it’s cheesy but i’m a cheesy person hope you love it!!

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