Everything About You

Girl moves from the states to go live with her bestfriend, only to discover that she's falling hard for this mysterious lovable guy, only to soon find out it's the rich and famous Zayn Malik.


5. More Than This


“Lize!” Everyone says when we walk in the door. Zayn is standing by my side holding me by my waist. They all run to me hugging me.

“Are you okay?” Harry says checking me.”what were you thinking? Where you gonna off yourself?”

“No.” I say getting pulled into another hug by Liam and the Louis. Ellie came slowly giving me a hug. Zayn pulls off my coat putting it on the hook.

”why are all of you here?”

“To make sure your okay.” Liam says.

“I’m fine can i just be… Alone? i don’t mean to sound rude but, there’s a lot going on.” They all nod. They all give me a hug and then go to leave. Harry stops and grabs me by my hands.

“Just know your apart of this ‘family’ now. If you did anything that resulted in you not coming back.I would have went bonkers.”

“Harry i won’t. Ever.” He gave me a hug and grabbed Ellie’s hand and left. Zayn was going out the door but i grabbed his hand. “Don’t leave.” He wraps his hands in mine and smiles.

“I’m not, I just have to tell the boys something and I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” He goes out the door and i turn to Toni.

“Never do that. Do you know how scared I was? If you killed your self or whatever you would have done. it would have been just like Steven. and I couldn’t of done that.”

“I’m sorry.” she hugs me. How much hugging would i be put through today? She pulls away. “How did you know where i was?”

“That’s where I went when I lost Steven. It’s a old store.” I sat down.

“But how did you know I would be there?”

“I don’t know first thing that came to mind.”

“Thank you.” she smiled slightly. Zayn came in looking at me. I stood up grabbing his hand and we went upstairs. I sat and he sat beside me. I didn’t know what to do or say but I knew I didn’t want to be alone. He touched my hand and looked me in the eye. “What does this mean?”

“That I like you, and i want to be with you for a while.” 

“Even with my craziness?”

“The whole package.” He says kissing me. 

“I hope you never realize that the whole package is a bit to much to handle.” 

“I can handle it, but can you handle what your about to be brought into?” 

“If your with me I can.” He smiled pulling me down beside me and laying down. I put my head on top of his arm and snuggled close. “Zayn?”

“Yeah.I have to leave for a while and I don’t want what we have to end, it’s only been a hours minutes but, I just want to keep it.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He smiled down at me and closed his eyes for a while. When I looked over he was sleeping, snoring and all. I slipped from under his grip and went downstairs to Toni. I heard voices entwined, her and Niall’s. I stopped.

“I can’t believe this is happening to her.” Niall says.

“Me neither. But I’m gonna go with her, okay?”

“Should we come with? You know as support?”

“I don’t know if she would like that, but I’ll ask tonight, when she’s all tuckered out.”

“Is Zayn still up there?”

“Yeah there both up there probably talking.”

“Or sleeping, she did a lot of walking tonight and a lot crying.”

“I know. Well, I don’t think Zayn’s gonna be coming home tonight.” It’s silent and  then finally Niall breaks the silence.

“I really hope those two find love together, because Zayn’s been hurt a lot.”

“She loves him I can tell.” 

“They’ve known each other for a short amount of time but they really do love each other…they deserve eachother.” 

“Well, since Zayn isn’t going home tonight, maybe you should stay.”

“Wouldn’t that be weird?”

“No.” I hear giggling and Niall laugh really hard. 

“God, I love you.” I stop breathing all together and I slowly try to make my way back upstairs but I knock over the flower pot that’s sitting on the floor. 

“Lize?!” Toni says, poking her head around the corner.


“Hey, where’s Zayn?”


“What are you doing?”

“Getting a drink.” Niall pokes his head around the corner from under Toni’s.

“Hey. You wouldn’t mind me coming with you, to give you some support?”

“No, that’d be fine.” He smiles.

“Well I’d better get home, then.” He gets up from under Toni and gives me a hug before leaving.

“I heard you.” I say as she starts to go upstairs.

“Yeah I know, try breathing a little softer.” I smiled.

“You too are cute.”

“I know, thank you.”

“For what?”

“Letting Niall come.” 

“Your welcome.

“Well, goodnight”

“Goodnight.” I sit in the kitchen for a while and then finally go back upstairs once I’ve caught my breath. Zayn still laying in that cute but yet awkward position. I smile and fit myself in the curve of his body and pull his arms around mine. He opens his eyes smiling and kisses my forehead. 

Ugh sgort chapter hope you like it!!!

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