Everything About You

Girl moves from the states to go live with her bestfriend, only to discover that she's falling hard for this mysterious lovable guy, only to soon find out it's the rich and famous Zayn Malik.


3. I Should Have Kissed You


                                               January 22, 2012

I wake up the next morning in Toni’s bed, not fully aware about how I got there. I roll out of bed and head downstairs. Its silent. No Toni anywhere. Its Saturday so she should be home and not at school. I go out the front her car, is in the parking lot. “Toni!” No answer. I start to panic. “Toni!” I cut through the back, into her garden. She’s sitting down next to a pile of flowers. I softly step down and walk over to her.

“Lize is here. She loves it.” I can hear her crying. That’s Stevens grave, I remember. Steven was her boyfriend from middle school, they were high school sweethearts. He died last year in the garden of cardiac arrest no one knows how, he was perfectly healthy. I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Toni?” She looks up at me and wipes the tears off her cheeks.”You okay?” “Yeah.”

“How did I get in your bed?”

“You were sleep waking. You pushed me out of bed so I came down here to…” She got up dusting her pants off.”You hungry?”

“No I’m good.”

“Well I’m gonna go..”She points toward her flat.”Gonna go inside.” She says going back into the flat. Sitting inside the flowers was a black box full of his ashes. I quickly followed along behind her shutting the door behind me. “Ready for your date tonight.” I look at her.

“If you want me to stay here I can. I don’t have to go.”

“Are you serious? And pass up a date with Zayn Malik? You go!”

“I’ll feel bad though.”

“Don’t, I’ll have food to keep me company.” I stare at her for a while. I now know the reason that she wanted me up here so bad was because she was up here alone having to live in the house her first love died in. How sad can that be. I was glad I was up here to comfort her in her time of need, so she wouldn’t do anything drastic.

“Don’t eat yourself to death.”

“I won’t.” She laughs a little.” So when is you date?”

“At 1:00 but Zayn is picking me up at noon.”


“I don’t know.Probably because we’re girls and people think we all take a decade to get ready to go somewhere.”

“Ugh I hate that!”

“I know!” I look at her for a second.

”Are you sure?”

“YESS! Go have fun, Lord!” She said laughing and going into the dining room. i jumped in front of her as an idea popped into my head.

“How about a double date?” I said jumping in front of her. “If Zayn found someone for you to with will you come?”

“Don’t do that.” she got a sad expression, and I felt really guilty.

“On no..not to replace Steven or anything but to get you a social life.”

“Are you saying I’m not social?”

“No but I’m gonna feel bad about leaving you here. Unless you know I hide all the ropes and knives.”

“I’m not suicidal.”



“Okay.” I sat down in one the chairs pulling her down. I pulled out my phone dialing Zayn’s number, so nervous.

“Hello?” I heard him say all cool like.



“Hey, its Lize.” I heard him clear his throat.

“Hey, Lize.”  Oh my God my whole body melts, I sit there in silence. Toni stomps my foot.


“You said that.” He said laughing.

“I know. Um would you mind doing me a favor?”

” Not not at all.” He said. British boy charm?

” Well, um. Toni is going to be all alone tonight and I was wondering…”

“If I can find someone to double date?”

“Yeah, how did you know that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Could you?”

“Yeah. Hang on.” There’s static on his end and I hear muffled talking. “Okay. See you at 1:00.” His end clicks. I look at the phone shocked.

“What did he say? what?” Toni says. “Did he do it?”

“I don’t know.” I hang up my phone and go up stairs to look for an outfit. I find my perfect outfit and go to help Toni. She’s throwing clothes left and right. “Don’t care, huh?” I say stepping in and flopping down on her bed crossing my legs, criss cross applesauce.

“Well I wanna look nice.” She says standing up putting some hipster shorts to her waist.” How does this look?”

“It’s winter.”


“You’ll freeze.” She throws them down.

“Yeah you’re right.” She looks down at her phone. “You better get ready it’s 11:17.”

“Shit!” I say hoping up and running to my room. I take a quick shower and pull on my outfit. A tan jacket and blue plaid-ish shirt and blue Jeans. I put on my make up adding a scarf to my ensemble and curl my hair. When I’m done it’s 11:54. I quickly spray myself down with perfume and runs into Toni’s room. She once again isn’t there so I head outside to get her. I nearly bump into he coming down the stairs. “Oh my god.” I say in a total Loss of words. She stood there in a black veil covered dress. Her hair swooped up into a perfect bun with a few strings of hair falling down. Her make up was perfect and her black leggings made her legs blend into the dress.”Oh my God!”


“You look gorgeous!”

“Oh shut up.” I really felt under dressed compared to her.

” I need to go change.” I say going back upstairs.

“Oh stop it.” She says pulling me back down.

“Well look at you, miss hotness. Their gonna look at you and go, ‘look at this delicious slice of black swan’ and then their gonna look at me and go ‘who ordered the ugly duckling’”

“You are not ugly.”

“Compared to you I am.”

“Lize, you-” There’s a knock on the door. We both look at each other and we fight for who answers the door first. “Go!”Lize mumbles in a whisper.

“No, you go!” She pushes me down the stairs and grumbles. I shake my head opening the door. Zayn is standing there in a blazer and slacks. Oh my God, how attractive can one person get? Niall is standing next to him in a casual blue t-shirt and Jeans. “Looks like we dressed for the wrong date, haha.” They both look at me laugh so hard but it’s more out of nervousness, and when they don’t laugh. They smile looking at each other. “well how embarrassing.” I say under my breath. “I’ll get Toni.” I say looking over to her  I walk over to the end of the stairs.”Get down here.”

“I’m nervous.”

“I am too. Come on.” She slowly walks down stopping beside me, linking her arm in mine. We go and grab our coats stepping out the door.

“Hi.” She says. Niall looks at not moving his gaze. I look over at Zayn, he looks at me then over at her. She’s so pretty it’s annoying me, I smile super big.

“So.” Niall looks at me.

“You two look great.” Zayn says.”Don’t you agree Niall?”


“Well, lets get going.” They both turn and walk toward the car and we follow them. Toni moves her hands around pretending to scream.

“What the heck?” I mouth to her.

“He’s so god damn sexy!”

“Calm down.”

“I’m sorry.” They open the doors and we get in. Toni and Niall in the back and  me and Zayn in the front. I hear Toni laughing every two seconds and look back at them whispering things in eachother’s ears and laughing hysterically. I turn back to the front.

“How cute.” I smile. Zayn looks at me.

“He always hit’s it off with the girls. He’s a ladies man.”

“Don’t you.”

“Not really.” He shakes his head.

” But your doing it right now.” He looks down at me.

“This doesn’t count. You called me.”

“You had Harry slip me your number.”


“Yeah. He’s the one who gave me your number.”

“I never asked him too.” He shakes his head laughing. “But I’m glad he did.” I smile at the floor. Good lord could I just take him home? We drive for longer than I expect and I look at him.

“Where are we going?”



“It’s a restaurant. It’s great.”

“Okay.” Toni laughs a bit louder and I can hear her asking him questions about things she had read about him and asking him if they were true. Typical Toni. He finally pulled into a place. Tall and beautiful, like a place you would only see in movies. I sat there looking at it, my door clicked open and I looked down at Zayn standing there holding out his hand. i take it and he helps me out . Toni and Niall jump out together, I can’t believe how much they’ve hit it off already.

“Come one.” He says beginning to walk, he kinda grabs my hand and i try to pull my fingers into his but I mess up a lot. I’m so intent on trying to grab his hand that I don’t notice the bod boulder in front of my. I trip only a bit, but it looks like I had just been tackled by a football player. Toni burst into laughter slapping her hands on her knees saying. “Oh my god! oh my god, only you!” Niall widens his eyes and Zayn comes over to help me up.

“I’m fine Zayn.” i glare at Toni, until shuts up.”It looked worse then it was.” they all stand there while I get up. When we get inside I pull Toni to the side.

“Are you serious? Do you know how embarrassing that is to have you laugh at me? I looked like a complete cluts out there? While you were back there hitting it off with your date i was here replying over in my head what word to say next. i like Zayn and your making it harder for me to communicate.”

“I’m sorry. I totally forgot that you actually wanted to date this guy.”

” I never said that. i don’t care if we date or not, i just don’t want to look dumb.”

“Okay. won’t happen again.”

“Thank-you.” she nods walking back to the boys. she pulls me along with her. They direct us to a table.

“Can we have separate tables. I mean we’re all grown up here.” Toni says.

“Sure.” Niall says. They go all the way on the other side of the restaurant and me and Zayn sit down. we both pick up our menu’s at the same time, then sit them down when we think one of us is trying to talk.

“Sorry.” we both laugh.

This going the way you planned?” He says.

“No not really.”

“Can I confess something to you?”


” I was happy to bring along Niall.” My heart sinks.


“No not because of you. Well yeah because of you but not in that way.” He sighs. “Is this making sense?”I shake my head. “Well because I was nervous about coming alone. Niall’s more outgoing so…”i nod.

“Same with Toni. I’m more of the shy, loner kid that you less likely want to friends with in high school.”I say leaning on my arm biting my pinky nail.

“I’d be your friend.” I smile.

“Yay! We can graffiti the side of buildings together and carve out names into desk.”

“Sounds fun.”

“You have a bad rep don’t you?” he nods.

“Bradford  bad-boy.”

“Come up with that on your own?” I nods. i look over at Toni, she gives me a thumbs up. I shake my head and we continue to talk. After finishing up we get up and go outside without Niall and Toni. He turns down onto the other side of the building and pulls out a cigarette. 

“You smoke?”

“Trying to quit.” He looks at me and holds it out to me.”want some?” I shake my head.” does this repulse you?” i shake my head. To be honest it was really hot!. I step  closer to him and lean against him. it was embarrassing how much taller he was than me. I looked up at him. Ugh I just wanted to kiss him. I kept looking at him and glancing away.



“Are you getting to cold?” I shake my head. He throws his cigarette down and starts to walk back. I accidentally bump into him. He grabs me by my arms.

“Your awfully clumsy today.”

“Sorry.” Kiss me!! I think wanting to laugh at how dumb I am. As if he could read my mind I saw his head slightly lean inward. I leaned in almost there.  Our lips were only a few inches away.

“Lize!” I quickly jumped back. Toni looked at us shaking her head. “Good lord. You guys ready to go.?”We both nod walking back to the car.

Ugh i know this chapter was kinda lame it was so hard to think up and i messed up sometimes trying to think of what each of them would say at that exact moment. well read and enjoy.

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