Everything About You

Girl moves from the states to go live with her bestfriend, only to discover that she's falling hard for this mysterious lovable guy, only to soon find out it's the rich and famous Zayn Malik.


2. Heart Attack

                                         January 13, 2012 “Lize!Breakfast!”Toni gives me a little shove. I turn shielding my eyes from the bli9nding sun. “what?” “Breakfast!Pancakes, orange juice, stuff of that nature.”I roll over still not getting up but still looking at her. “What time is it?” She glances over at the alarm clock on the dresser. “10:45.” “Ugh.” I roll out of bed and go into the personal bathroom connected to the bedroom. I plash water on my face and wash it with a wash cloth sitting on the rack.”guess what?”I say entering the room again grabbing a scrunchy off my bed side table and pulling my hair into a messy bun. “What?” “I got Zayn’s number last night.” “Wow you move fast.” I raise my eyebrows at her. “Are you calling me a whore?” “No!” she shakes her head.”Where is it?” She says crawling onto her knees and bouncing. “In my pant pocket.” She stops and her face goes pale. “The pants you wore last night?” “Yeah…” “Oh crap.” She hops off the bed and runs down the hall and then down the stairs. I follow her wondering what her problem was the whole time. she ran through the hall that connects all the rooms nearly slipping on the marble floor. she ran into the laundry room, threw open the washer and grabbed my soaking pants. She rummage through my pocket and pulled out the slip of paper. I gasp taking it from her. “Can you make out any numbers.” “No.” I sigh. “I’m so sorry ,Lize.” I throw the wet thing in the garbage and Toni shoves my pants back in the washer, rubbing her wet hands onto her pajama pants and looks at me. “I really am sorry.” “It’s fine.” “No it’s not!” “Yeah it is.” I say laughing.”Let’s go have some breakfast.” I pull her along to the kitchen. She has two plates out and food lined up on the table. “This is breakfast?” “Umhmm.” “Why so much?” “I wanted to make it special. I mean it’s your first official day here.” “That was yesterday.” “You got here after midnight. So technically today is.” “Whatever you say.” I sit grabbing a handful of bacon and some assorted fruit.She slides a pitcher of orange juice over at me ad grabs two glasses. “Drink up, we’re going on a run.” “A run? In the winter? Do we really have to do that?” “I do every morning.” I give her that I’m-not-doing-that look and she sighs. she in turn gives me the your-my-best friend-please look. I grab one of the glasses from her hand and pour oragne juice in. “I really hate when you do that.” She smiles and sits. We finish up our breakfast and set out on our run. I’m not used to all this running for a long period of time so I’m lacking a bit behind her. she stops, throwing me a water bottle. “You know you shouldn’t of worn jeans.” She says pinching her light blue sweats. “Well, I wasn’t thinking.” “You really weren’t.” She sits on a bench and I follow her.”what do you want to do?” “I don’t know. Lay in bed all day?” “No! How about…we can go see some other towns.” “Don’t you think that’s a little elaborate and expensive?”  “It’s London! We can find something.” “Let’s go see a movie.” “Alright. Well I have lots of movies at home. I have Elvis and Anabelle.” “Ohhh yes!” I have not seen that movie in so long and let me tell you that movie is incredible. Never cried or laughed so much in my entire life! It turns out that’s all we could do for that day. it rained all day for a week. Toni cooked and we ate all week, she doesn’t like to drive in the winter or in the rain so he car is pretty much never used except when i use it for errands. I guess you could call our week movie week because that’s all we did, stuff our selves with food and cry it out during movies. i sometime had to stay home alone because of Toni’s college course, she’s been gone for 4 out of 7 days this week and it’s a really big bummer because she’s the reason thy I moved up here.                                          January 20,2012 “Lize!” I hear Toni make her way into the house dropping her things at the door. “Yeah?” I call hanging over the railing, looking down through the spiral staircase. She passes it and goes into the kitchen. “Where are you?” “Not in the kitchen.” She goes into the dining room. I can’t help but laugh. “Lize! Where are you!” “Look up!” I say between laughs. Her head pops up. “Ugh! get down here1 i got you a job.” She says holding up an application. “What?” I make my way down the stairs snatching it out of her hands, “So you won’t be lonely and bored while I’m at school.” “What’s a Jack Wills?” “Think British Abercrombie & Fitch.” I nod. “Ahhh, so I will be working at a British prep store?” She nods. “You start tomorrow at 11:30. You can use the car.” “Thanks..?” “Did you make any dinner?” “There’s subway in the kitchen.” She goes into the kitchen and I follow her turning on the radio. “The Writer” by Ellie Goulding is playing. I can’t get enough of this song! It’s the best. Toni rolls her eyes annoyed at the constant repetition of it. “Oh you know you love it.” “I never said I didn’t like it. It’s just getting over played.” “Pssh.” She gets two plated out and divides the sandwich in two. I take and sit. “Don’t I need to like actually be interviewed for the job?” “Their low on employees. I told the you had experience and they said you start tomorrow.” “Fun.” “Think of the employee discount.” she bites into her sandwich and we sit there in silence until we’re done. “What movie tonight?” She says going into the living room. “Umm. How about we watch Water for Elephants.” “Okay.” I put my plate in the sink and go upstairs and go into my room grabbing my favorite Beatles shirts and plaid pajama pants and hop in the shower. After I get out, putting on all my lady products and go downstairs into the living room. Toni’s sleeping balled up in the corner of the couch. I walk over to her smacking her shoulder with the back of my hand. “Toni! Go upstairs!” “Huh?” She sits up rubbing her eyes. “You were sleeping. Go upstairs.” “Mmm. what time is it?” “9:10.” “Okay. See you in the morning.” She gets up and makes her way to the stairs. “Goodnight.” “Goodnight.” I sit up watching water for elephants until I fall asleep.                                         January 21, 2012 I wake up to my phone blasting “U.N.I” by Ed Sheeran. It’s 9:05 am, my alarm clock just went off. I get off the couch turning off the T.V and head upstairs into my room. I pull on a red and green plaid shirt and blue jean skinnies. I straighten my hair tucking a piece behind my ear to resemble a cut bang. “Good girl.” Toni says stepping in grabbing my brush and brushing her hair. “Well of course I was going to wake up.” “Sure you would of.” She says putting her hand on my should. I roll-my eyes putting the rest of my make-up on and double check to see if anything is out of place. “I’ll see you later.” I grab my bag and go.i have a few missed calls from my mother, the most supportive women in the whole world and I send her good morning text so I don’t have to disturb her sleep. It’s not that bad outside today, it’s gotten to 45 depress so it’s pretty much like spring. It’s so hard and confusing to drive on these rodes! You have no idea!I get bad looks the whole time and the only thing I can do i to wave and say “sorry” in the little sheepish tone i have. It takes me a while to find the place although there’s a giant sign that says: Jack Wills in perfect bold letters. I’m about five minutes late when I burst through the doors out of breath from running from a parking spot 15 feet in the other direction. “Look who made it.” A tall blonde girl says. “I’m so sorry! I-“ “it’s fine. You know what to do, right?” “Yes. Wait, what am I doing?” “Cash register.” She says as if I’m supposed to know or something. “Yes.” “Great. Get to it.”  She says sticking her nose up high and turning to leave. “Ne ‘have a great a great day’ or ‘good luck’?” “What?” She turns  poking her ear in my direction.”Don’t cock an attitude with me. Your the one who was late.” “Sorry…” I say in a bitchy tone and lean in to read her name tag. “Abby.” “What’s your name?” “Lize.” “Good luck, Lize.” “Thanks.” I say going behind the counter. So many people come in it’s crazy. i have to call Ms. stuck up bitch over a few times and she’s not happy about it, like i care. The door jingles and i pray to God they aren’t difficult and that I’m almost finished with my shift. The customers voices is familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it. There’s not that many people in London that i know so you think it would be easy for me to think of it. i hear a girls voice. “Lize!” I look up and it’s Harry on  the arm of a girl. “Harry!” She looks at me than to Harry. “Oh this is Lize.” he says introducing me to her. “Lize, this is Ellie.” “Ellie? Your Ellie!” I can’t believe how pretty she is. She nods her blonde hair bouncing. I feel like a creep.”Harry told me about you when we met.” “When did you meet?” She says. “At Zayn’s birthday party.” “You were Sick that day.” Harry tells her, she nods. “Speaking of Zayn. You never called him.” “Toni washed my pants and it was in there.” “Well here, give me your phone. The poor lad thought you rejected him.” I hand him my phone. “I would never.” He punches in a few numbers. “Call him when your off.” He hands it to me and puts a couple of sweatshirts on the counter. I ring them up and he takes them. “Don’t forget. And make the first move Zayn’s a shy little guy.” He says grabbing Ellie’s hand walking to the door. “I won’t.” I say laughing. “Nice meeting you, Lize!” Ellie says. “Nice meeting you too, Ellie.” They leave and I look down picking up the scraps to find money sitting on the ledge.  “Thanks for the tip.” I say under my breath. I put it in my pocket and finish up my shift. When I get home I quickly go into my contacts and stare at Zayn’s number contemplating weather to call him,text him, or neither. i barley know this guy but i have a strong feeling of wanting to know him. I’ve never been really good with the guys so i find a hard time communicating with them, especially hot famous ones who can have whoever they want. i click the message box and type :                                                Hey                                       

Hi? My skips as I awkwardly think of what to say next.                                    

How’s the weather?

Before i can stop my self it’s already being sent. I sit thinking how stupid that was but what else I can said if he sends another text back.                                        

Fine? Who is this?                                        



Hi..I know I’m going out on a limb here but do you want to..like..have lunch sometime?                                      

Uhhh…Yes :)

Oh my goodtenberries! I just stood there questioning reality for a while. I had gained a lot of guts since moving here i would have never done that in a million years.                                     

   It’s a date then:)

i took a deep breath and went to sit next to Toni on the couch.  ”Me and Zayn are going out on a date” “When?” “I don’t know.” Thanks for reading I hope your enjoying it! Please follow if you like and give me feedback I know this chapter sucked but it’ll get better so keep reading:)  

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