Everything About You

Girl moves from the states to go live with her bestfriend, only to discover that she's falling hard for this mysterious lovable guy, only to soon find out it's the rich and famous Zayn Malik.


1. Another World

                                          January 12, 2012 “Lize!” My best friend Toni says running down the steps and running smack-dab into my arms nearly knocking the breath out of me. I hug her back rocking back and fourth letting out a raspy, “Hey, Toni nice to see you too.” “Sorry, for the pain. I’m just so excited to see you. ” I nod laughing. “You too, babe.” Toni has been my best friend since 2nd grade and although she was more of the perky prep and I was the kid everyone called “Debby downer” we got along too well. She always stuck up for me when I was teased, which was a lot and she lost a lot of friends because of it but she stuck through it with me and I did the same. “I can’t believe your finally here! I have to show you everything!” She says pulling me towards the door. “Hold on, unpacking.” I say showing her my knock off Prada luggage bags. “Oh yeah…do that.” She pushes me upstairs in the direction of the bedrooms. Toni had never been this excited to do anything with me before, not even drivers ed.Toni moved to London a year ago to start her a new life and to get away from all of the drama of living in our little Indiana town, I just followed to get away from the wreck I called a mother. She has her own little flat in spitalfields and by the look of it she’s doing great. I throw my bags on the empty bed and put all of my clothes on their appropriate places. This takes me about 30 to 45 minutes and then she’s yanking me back out the door. “Lize, London is great! I’ve never been somewhere more beautiful!” She says twirling around.I roll my eyes at how dramatic she can be. It is  pretty beautiful I had to admit and now that I saw it in person I wasn’t surprised she chose to come here for college. We walk around London for a few hours and come across a bakery that Toni said was the best in town, Hummingbird Bakery. We stopped inside looking over the pastries. Toni ordered a chocolate muffin and I, a extra fudge hot chocolate. “Don’t you love it already?” She said as we sit. I nod pleasing her but I did like it, well besides the cold winter , but the hot chocolate took care of that. There was singing, happy birthday, I think in the background. “Whose birthday?” I say. “Who knows.” She shrugs and finishes the to of her muffin off. “Is it always this cold?” “In the winter.” “Uh…well I’ll leave for the winter and come back in the summer.” “Lize.” “Oh, I’m kidding. I need more.” I say waving my cup around and stand. She hands me money and I make my way to the desk looking over the colorful weird bill. How can- my thoughts are interrupted with the all too familiar jolt of someone bumping into me. As i look up I can see its a guy standing there, his shirt covered in chocolate from my cup. I cover my mouth gasping. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” “It’s fine. Are you okay?” He has an accent. “I’m fine, your shirt.” I grab a handful of napkins from the dispenser and attack his shirt with them. “Your smearing it.” he say smiling and grabs my hands gently and drops them at my side. “My first day in London and I spill chocolate all over someone. ” I put my hand on my forehead. “I’m so sorry once again.” “Don’t worry about it.” He smiles walking away. I rub the embarrassment from my cheeks and turn to watch him walk away like a creeper. I quickly go to the counter and order another. “One pound.” I look at her and she smiles laughing. “A pound.” “I’m sorry understand British yet.” She takes the money from my hand and takes a single bill from my hand and gives my the rest back. She fill back up my cup and I go back to the table. Toni is sitting rubbing her eyes. “What’s wrong?” “I think  I’ve gone Wonky. Willy Wonky.” “What?” I sit. “I think I’ve seen Harry Styles.” “Harry Styles?” “One direction, boy band. Makes me melt.” “Ohkay.? Why would they be here?” She shrugs. “I have no idea , but he was washing his shirt. He’s so cute!” “He was washing his shirt here?” She nods.”Why?” “He had chocolate or something on it.” I pause grinning and letting out a little laugh.  “What?” she says narrowing her eyes at me. “That’s my chocolate. I poured chocolate on his shirt.” ” You threw chocolate on Harry Styles? Are you crazy?” “I didn’t throw it. It fell.” I turn back in the direction that he had walked in earlier. He’s standing in front of a mirror wiping the last of the chocolate off of his shirt. “What? What are you looking at?” She say straining to look around all the plants that were blocking her view. “That Harry guy.” “Where is he?” Sh shoots up out of her seat. “Get down psycho!” I pull her back down to her seat and slowly looks back over to him. He quickly turns his head and i glance back over to Toni. “Think he saw me?” she nods. her eyes grow wide and she smacks my hand. “He’s coming over here! Be cool Just be cool! ” I give her a dumb look with all I have to say written in it. “Hi.” He smiles glancing to me then to Toni. . “Hello.” she says clinging a little to the desperate side. “Hi.” he holds out his shirt his a little stain on it. “I got it….” “Lize.” “Lize? and you are?” He looks at Toni. “Toni Montgomery. Dedicated directioner.” She looks around for a bit.”Where are the boys?” “In back celebrating Zayn’s birthday.” “Zayn?” I say confused. “Just turned 19.” “Tell him I said happy birthday.” She says. I nod giving him  permission for me too. “Why don’t you come say it. We love to meet the fans.” “Are you serious? Like really really?” “Really really” I smile at her trying to be cool. “Come on.” He starts off in the opposite direction of the cafe. We get up and follow him having to run because he walks really fast. “Being cool huh?” “Hush.” She says speeding up a bit. We come onto another higher part of the shop , it doesn’t really look like there’s much of a party going on. There’s no decorations just a bunch of people. I feel awkward just intruding like this but Harry shoves inside. “Zayn!” He pokes his head up from his phone. “Yeah?” “Happy birthday.” We wave and he waves back. “Um?” Harry explains that we just wanted to say ‘happy birthday.’ I stand pinching the ends of my hair out of nervousness. “Thank-you.” he says. I smile. “Zayn, can i get a picture with you?” “Of course, anything for the fans.” Toni chooses a place where she says is “better lighting” an the start walking. “Don’t kidnap him.” She turns sticking her tongue out at me. I laugh shaking my head and turn back to Harry. He’s amazingly adorable, I can’t say I’ve seen anyone cuter! “How’s pop star life?” “It’s great. Lot of great fans.” “Girl fans” “Yes girl fans.” “Ohh. you love the girls?” “Why guy wouldn’t? But seriously I have a love. Her names Ellie.” he smiles at the mention of her name. “Aww cute. You can never  find celeb relationships that last.” “Yeah but, Ellie is special.” I smile. “And she’s not worried about all these directioner girls?” he shakes his head “She knows she’s the only one I want to crawl home to.” Zayn and Toni come back and he gives her a hug before she returns to my side “Your friends lovely.” He says.  “I know.” Harry waves the rest of the boys over and they come over with a girl tagging along behind them and introduce themselves. “Hi, I’m Liam!” He waves “Louis ‘the tommo’ Tomlinson.” I can’t help but laugh. “Nialler. “Lize.” I say “Toni.” we all wave and Niall goes on about how Louis has an obsession for potatoes and Harry goes on talking about Ellie. I can’t believe how normal they are and how Harry has so much passion for one person. After about 30 minutes Toni finally calms down and is acting normally. I’ve talked to everyone mostly Danielle, then Doniya, Waliyha, Saffaa who were driven up here with their mom Patricia just for Zayn’ birthday. Their cool people and I’m getting along with them fine. Soon though it’s dark outside and we have to start walking home and the boys have to go. “Hey Lize! Toni!” i hear someone yell when we start to walk back, we turn and it’s Harry. “Hey!” He stops shoving something into my hand. “Don’t open it unis your home.” I nod and he runs back to the car. Toni glares at me and we turn to walk again, then he calls our names. “Yes, Mr.Styles?” I say turning on my heels. “Need a ride?” “No were-“ “Yeah we do.” She grabs my arm and pulls me toward their car. “And the party continues.” Louis says doing a little dance. we laugh and get inside. Niall is driving and Zayn’s sitting next to him, Louis gets out and switches with Zayn. We arrange ourselves and Niall starts to drive. me and Zayn talk for a while. Harry leans up turning on the radio. a song comes on and Harry looks at me. “It’s us!” He looks at Toni. “Its us.” “It’s you!” I clap and Harry starts to sing, and then Louis until the whole car is singing. I can’t believe my first day here, Toni had a wonderful time although she keeps looking at Harry with seductive eyes and I bet she has no idea he has a girlfriend plus we met One direction! They pull in front of Toni’s flat and we hop out. “Bye.” Zayn says. “Bye.” “Thanks for the ride.” Toni yells. “Anytime.” Niall says pulling away. “have a great night!” “You too!” we both yell. I pull my coast tighter around my body and we head up stairs through the door. “Oh.My.God!” She pulls me into a hug squeezing me.”Thank-you!” “For what?” “being a cluts” “Your welcome?” she lets go of me and goes upstairs to her room mumbling something. As I reach for a cup something drops out of my sleeves, the thing Harry gave me. I hadn’t noticed it was only a piece of paper. I sit the cup on the counter and open it. Liz! He spelled my name wrong. Hey, Zayn wants you to call him or something, he really fancies you: ***-***-**** I can’t help but smile as I fold the paper back up and shove it in my pants pocket. I put my coat up and head upstairs to my room. “Lize!”i stop. “Yes?” “Read me a bed time story?” “Go to sleep. Good night. Cheerio!” she stares at me with a blank expression on her face. “Dumb.” she nods. “Good night, Lize.” “Good night Toni.”I hear her laughing as I go into my room pull off my clothes throw them into the hamper and pull on a night shirt and crawl into bed.

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