The Neko -Finished-

It is about a girl named Sam who is trying to stop a man from committing genocide to her kin.


8. Chapter 8

I looked into the strangely human eyes of the wolf. "Hayden?" I questioned. He cocked his head confused in response. The wolf changed back into a human. A werewolf. My old boyfriend. We only broke up because I was taken away and he was changed into a werewolf. You see he was turned into a werewolf by a wolf's DNA. I was born a neko. "Sammy?" He asked. I nodded unable to speak. "So what happened to the others after I was taken away?" I asked. You see, again, there was a kind that was named mythical creatures. It is full of creatures like Nekos, Dragons, Faries, werewolves etc. If you're wondering most vampires are evil. Just in case those people who obsess over vampires were wondering ;). He looked in my eyes and told me that they were at a camp and he was training them and teaching them how to work their powers. "So.... You have a boyfriend?" He asked cautiously. "Nope always thought dating was useless." I paused. He looked hurt. Then I added, "After I lost you." He perked up after hearing that. "How 'bout you? You ever get a girlfriend?" I asked him playfully winking. "Same here. Never got a girlfriend after we broke up," he said smiling weakly. "Welp Imma go to bed." I said. "Can I come?" He asked. Then quickly added, "The camps up on the mountain I was out for a couple days hunting." I giggled a little and said "Sure come on but you will have to turn into a wolf." I changed into my cat form and he changed into his Wolfie form. "Can I call you Wolverine? He was and still is my favorite X-men -er well almost X-men (you would get it if you've seen 'X-men First Class') We both went into the tent canopy thing and for the first time in like, 10 years, I fell asleep without having a nightmare.

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