The Neko -Finished-

It is about a girl named Sam who is trying to stop a man from committing genocide to her kin.


7. Chapter 7

After running into the tree I changed into my cat form. (remember she is a neko) I started running and tripped over a root. The impact made me change back into a human. I started somersaulting and fell off a waterfall. When I got back to the surface I thought 'Well at least I don't have to take a shower now.' You see I like to look at the bright side of things (most of the time) when I'm not being cranky. I started to make a tent, like thing out of branches, twigs and leaves. I started  to go to the woods to go look for food. While I was out I saw a river and on the other side of the river I saw a bush full of berries. I hopped across some stones that were conveniently placed there. I walked over to the berry bush and saw that they were blueberries!! How nice!! (<-- No sarcasm there)  I picked some berries and made a cup-like thing out of my shirt by folding it a little at the bottom. I walked over to the river to wash them off. I got out my knife and started to stab some fish. I may be a vegetarian but I eat fish. I got about 10 fish. What can I say I'm a growing girl I likes ma foods (I used bad grammar on purpose) I can eat a whole buffet and still be hungry. When I got back I started a fire out of some twigs I collected. After that I got a stick and put 2 fish on it and started to cook it over the fire. I ate some of the berries while the fish- salmon (I found out :D) I ate the fish and figured that I would just go get some more tomorrow. I changed into my cat form and went under the canopy thingy and got under the small leaf blanket I made. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a rustling in the bushes. I changed back into my human form. I walked out of the tent-canopy-thingy only to be tackled by a wolf with strangely inhuman eyes.

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