The Neko -Finished-

It is about a girl named Sam who is trying to stop a man from committing genocide to her kin.


3. Chapter 3


I was in the training room practicing for the time being because I was/still am bored. When the door opened reviling my super annoying partner, Drew. He was annoying because he always stole my look for example my training outfit was a white tank top, leather jacket (black), ripped black skinny jeans, and bright blue and bright green checkered TOMS. He wears a V neck, black sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, and black and white checkered TOMS. People say it's 'cute'. Drew doesn't care me on the other hand it annoys the living h- my thoughts were interrupted by Drew coming over to me smirking. "What." I snapped more of a statement than a question. "Nothing..." He said trailing off. He started to pet my head. I put my head back and frustratedly pulled my hair. "What did you do?" I asked. "You'll see soon." He said winking then walked over to the punching bag. Ugh whatever. I took the throwing knives I got from my director and walked towards the dummy station. I started throwing the knives and each hit in the head, chest, or eye. I heard clapping and turned around and saw Flinn. "Flinny!!" I screamed and ran over to him. He picked me up and spun me around. I heard Drew growl. "Drew are you O.K??" "Peachy." He said through clenched teeth. H walked over to the throwing knives dummy. He went over to my knives. My. Knives. "Don't TOUCH my KNIVES!" I shouted at him. He scoffed and took out his knives. I slightly relaxed. He threw 5. 2 hit missed and the rest hit arms and legs. It looked like he wasn't even trying/paying attention to what he was doing. "Amazing how you're my partner." I muttered. He glared at me. I put my hands up in surrender/ He left the room leaving Flinny and I alone.

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