The Neko -Finished-

It is about a girl named Sam who is trying to stop a man from committing genocide to her kin.


1. Chapter 1



When I awoke it was dark and I was screaming. There was an immense pain in my shoulder. Judging on how the wall felt on my back, I’m in a stone dungeon. By myself. ‘Awesome’ I thought sarcastically. As soon as I stood up I regretted it. I was really dizzy and fell back down, and then I got a vision. It started out like this.


I was in the middle of a giant field, alone, with a guy my age. I had on my mission outfit and all of my throwing knives aimed at the boy. He had a gun out aimed for my head. ‘Hopefully he can’t shoot to save his life’ I thought. He raised his gun and…-

-End of vision-


My vision as interrupted by the sound of the door opening.


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