It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


8. Chapter 8

Why do I have this life? Why do I have to be bullied...abused...? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? This crappy life.... It's Monday and I have to face my fears... Ready for what Mason and Timber will do to me. I put on my regular everyday outfit, skinny jeans and a hoodie to hide my scars. After applying a little make up and fixing my hair, I went down stairs ready for school. "Bye" I said as I walked by my parents. They said nothing. They don't care... When I arrived at school everyone was already crowding around the building and some were walking inside. No sign of Timber OR Mason... This is good. I walked up to the front doors of my school with my head down, and walked in slowly. People stood in the hallways talking with their friends, getting things out of their lockers, and I just walked past them all, trying not to attract any attention. "Look its the little bitch" someone sneered at me. Moore. I turned around and she stood there glaring at me with her fierce stare. Her evil stare. Everything about her was no good. "I heard what happened over the weekend... You ran away from your fears like always" she sneered at me and laughed. I kept my head down, just wishing she would stop. She grabbed my shoulders and shoved me into the lockers. I let out a quiet groan in pain as she dug her nails into my skin and stomped on my foot, twisting it around so that I felt like my toes were to fall off. My eyes became watery and tears threatened to fall but I wouldn't let them. "Stop it Moore" I whispered. She backed up and slapped me hard before walking away. My hand cupped my cheek as the burning pain began. Yes. Just another Monday morning. Just another school day. This teasing, bullying, threatening...THIS is what my school days are like. THIS is what I have to put up with.
Lunch came and I still hadn't seen Mason or Timber. Where are they? I took my packed lunch into the girls room and went to the last stall. I eat alone. I eat in the bathroom stall because people would tease me if I ate with them. If I got near them. It's best I stay away. THIS is my 'private' lunch room •••• End of the day and Mason and Timber never beat me up. I haven't seen them at all today. Not even in the one class we have together. I guess this is a good thing. Now I just have to pray I don't run into them on my walk home •••• Zayn POV • Why did that girl run away? She was crying because those two morons beat her up! She looked miserable, lonely, helpless, unloved. Everything about her said "Help Me" and I want to know why. How could I find her again though? She was at the park last time... Maybe, just maybe, she's there right now. I walked to the park with my hands in my pockets, looking around for her. Nowhere. But I DO see those two guys. The guys that hurt her and made her run away from me crying. One of my fans... She ran away crying. I could at least get a picture with her..? The two boys were sitting on the bench near the road as they watched cars pass. Shouldn't they be in school? Skyler probably is. Every couple cars that drove by, they would scream something...or throw something at it. They are such jerks and I don't even know them. "There she is!" One of them called out and they jumped off the bench. I looked down the street and spotted a girl walking this way. She looked just like Skyler. What are they going to do to her...
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