It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


3. Chapter 3

"Do you have to leave already?" I begged as my brother walked towards the front door of our house. Our parents weren't fighting tonight. It was strange really. They always fight, and somehow I end up in the middle of it, taking blame. Not tonight. Since Jacob is here, they probably don't want him to think anything is wrong. They want him to focus on College and get a good job, not worry about his little sister. He does worry though, I can see it in his eyes. He looks at me sympathetically and I can see the pain. He doesn't like seeing me like this. All the torture I go through is unbearable. The things my parents to do me makes me want to kill myself. The things my parents say to me makes me want to stop everything, just give up on life. I can't do that, though. I will put up with it. I'll put up with it all. For Jacob. I want him to know that I'm hurt but I want him to get a good education for is job later in life. He needs to worry about college, and my pain is a big distraction. He cares about me so much and if he knew everything that happened to me, college wouldn't be an option. He would give up on everything to stay home and protect me. I won't let that happen.
"Don't let them hurt you" he whispered into my ear before pulling away from our long goodbye hug. I have him a weak smile and he left. "Skyler! Clean up!" my mother yelled from the kitchen. I limped into the small room as quickly as I could. "Put everything away. Clean. I want this kitchen spotless" she said and walked out. After finishing all this hard work, my father walked in. "I thought your mother told you to clean?" He asked. "She did. Doesn't it look good?" I asked gesturing towards the counter tops and the cabinets. "No!" he screamed and slapped me across the face. Burning began to fill my cheek and my whole face started to blush red. The searing pain spread through my cheek to my whole face, then out through my whole body. Tears rolled down my cheeks like a waterfall and onto the ground. "Now your making even more of a mess!" My father yelled and pushed me back up against the wall. I groaned in pain and fell to my knees. I heard a crack on my right knee but I didn't care. That wasn't my biggest problem right now. I could hardly breathe. My dad knocked the air out of me. My lungs stopped working for seconds and no air cycled through my body. I became more and more week before getting a mouthful of hair. I breathed in and out deeply, allowing the air to enter my lungs once again.
Once I was breathing normally again, the pain in my cheek was more of a numb feeling. It was tingling in pain but I couldn't feel it. My father had left the room so I was standing there alone. My knee felt weird but I could still walk at least. I limped over to my room and entered quickly before my parents saw me. I closed the door and clicked the lock, hoping to get some peace and quiet. Limping over to my bed, I pulled off my sweatshirt and skinny jeans, replacing them with a tank and baggy sweats. I put my long, brown hair up in a messy and sat on the edge of my small bed. "Why me.." I whispered to myself and fell back onto me bed shutting my eyes. "It's her fault! No mine!" I heard my dad scream from the other room. "Then why don't you punish her for it!" My mother yelled. No... I can't take anymore today. This is too much. I need to get out of here, of course I'll be back though. I changed back into my skinny jeans and pulled on some Uggs, then grabbed my hoodie and walked towards the door. "Fine! She's really gonna get it tonight!" My dad yelled and I heard footsteps approaching my room. I sprinted over towards the window and opened it slowly and quietly. I slid out and shut it again, just before I heard my door slam open and my father huff. "WHERE IS SHE!" He screamed. "I'll be back later" I whispered to myself and ran towards the woods. I just need some time to myself. 
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