It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


28. Chapter 28

Zayn POV • 3 Weeks Later • I've been here for so long. Why won't I wake up? I just want to see Skyler again. I miss her so much. I need to tell her I love her. I want her to know that she means the world to me and I'll never give up. I start hearing voices for the first time in weeks. I can't tell who they are but I can hear them. "Yes she does" someone says. Who does what? "He will probably wake up" they say. Me? I need to wake up. "She will too" I hear them again. Skyler will? She'll wake up?!? "But something else is wrong" the voice stops. What else is wrong? What could it possibly be?!? My eyes fly open and I look around. The lights blind me and I moan in annoyance. "Zayn?" I hear Niall's voice and someone runs over to me. Once my eyes adjust to the light, I can see him hovering over me. "Zayn oh my god your awake!" he cried. I opened my mouth to talk, but nothing came out. "We need to ask Mr. Malik some questions, please step out of the room" a doctor says. What? I can't even see Niall? How am I going to answer the questions if I can't talk? Niall walks out of the room and the doctor approaches me. He asks me yes or no questions. I shake my head to answer. Just now I notice the pain. Almost as much pain as the day I jumped. The day I hit. The day I-- died... But here I am. I look across the room and the pain only gets worse. My heart shatters as I see Skyler's lifeless body laying in the other hospital bed, covered in bandages and hooked up to many many, many, machines. The beeping is slow. It slows even more. It seems like it gets slower every minute I watch. It stops and there's a loud beep. No. 
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