It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


26. Chapter 26

Skyler POV • I could feel the darkness spread around me. The freezing. The burning. All at once. Mixed emotions. Many different kinds of pain. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Everything hurt. I feel like someone is repeatedly throwing knifes at me and it won't stop. This pain in indescribable. I'm frozen. I'm cold. I'm so cold and I just want this pain to be over. I want to be dead. Why am I not dead yet? Shouldn't I of drowned or frozen to death yet? What about when I fell? The pain when I hit the water... that should of killed me. Why didn't it? I feel like someone it watching me. Nobody is here though. I know I'm alone. I'll die alone and nobody will miss me. I try to open my eyes and see where I am but they are glued shut. It hurts to try. I want to though. I try harder. This time my eyes fly open. I see Zayn's face. It's blue and lost all color. He looks like an ice cube. We're laying in the water on some rocks. He looks at me one last time and closes his eyes. Not seeing him anymore hurt almost as much a the fall. "Zayn" I whispered. He didn't move. Salty tears started to stream down my cheeks and into the frozen water. I moved my body closer to him and put my arm around him. "Zayn" I whispered into his ear. Nothing. More tears fall and I feel his body getting colder. "Please..." I whimper. Nothing happens. His heart beat slows. "Zayn please..." I cry. He looks like an ice cube and I hear something. "Look their over here!" someone screams. Just a second too late. I hear Zayn's last heart beat. It was quick and loud. He stopped breathing and I cried onto him. "I loved you" I say. Nothing. Not a single sound but my sniffles and the sound of people running up to us.
I close my eyes and give up. ****NOT LAST CHAPTER*CALM YO TITS****
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