It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


25. Chapter 25

Zayn POV • She jumped. How could she. Skyler. Jumped. Now MY heart is broken. I run up to the edge and look down. I see her right as her lifeless body hits the water. "SKYLER!!!" I scream. Tears run down my cheeks and I hear someone behind me. "Zayn Malik oh my god!" a girls voice. I turn around and see a girl my age smiling. "Why are you crying Zayn?" she asks. I don't hesitate. I don't give a damn fuck about my stupid decisions. "I love Skyler. Tell the world that. It's true" I say and stand up on the ledge. I look down and see her body afloat. She's not moving, other then the current taking her. Why did she do it? I freaking love her. I want her to know that. She can't die. I step off the ledge and fall. I feel the air rushing around me and the girl scream from above right before I hit. I embrace myself, ready for the pain. I was right about pain. It was horrible. I feel like every bone in my body is broken. It's worth it. I'm not dead. Am I? No. My head starts to throb and I can't breathe. I'm under water. I use my little strength to push myself up. I've never been a good swimmer. I try my hardest though. Paddling up and up and up. My eyes open as I reach the surface and the sun shines down on me. My body is numb and weak though. I might sink any second. Where's Skyler? I need to find her. Where-- I realize my body is drifting and I hit a rock. I scream in pain, then the currents start taking me even further. I open my eyes and see Skyler far ahead of me. I swim. I swim as fast as I can. I ignore the horrible pain throughout my entire body. I swim. I need her. She's the love of my life. I don't care if you say oh it's only been a month. No. Shut up. I love her.
I finally swim up to her body and see she's unconscious. Shit. Wrapping my arms around her, I start to swim to the side of the river. "HELP!!!" I scream. Nobody hears me. Nothing happens. I scream again. Nothing. Eventually I make it to the side. The water is still a couple inches deep but at least we aren't drifting anymore. I lay down on the wet rocks and realize how cold I am. My body is numb with pain and I'm frozen. The pain is still there though. My heart. It's broken. I pant over and over, trying to catch my breath, but nothing works. I open my eyes and see Skyler. She's in my arms. Her eyes are closed and she looks lifeless. No. I can feel her heart beating up against mine. Not fast. But it's beating. "Skyler" I whisper crying. "Open your eyes" I say. I need to see her. My throat starts to hurt. I can't breathe. I need air. Where is it? My throat feels clogged. Everything is stuck. Everything is frozen. I'm frozen. Skyler. She must survive. She needs to. She starts coughing and her eyes open fast. She sees me and I see her. We make eye contact. She looks helpless. I am helpless. That's all I remember. My eyes close. Darkness spreads around me.

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